Thursday, May 12, 2011

Aww Shucks!

First things first, J from Life as a Secret Squirrels Other Half sent me an award. Me! Okay maybe I think it's pretty neat and you don't but whatever. I don't care. I never really even thought people actually read my blog. Like I know there are 'followers' but I didn't really think people actually read what I wrote. But anyhow.. back to the award. :)
So since it's life, there are rules.
Firstly, to thank the person who gave you the award. So - Thank you J!
Secondly, post 7 random facts about yourself.
Thirdly, pass it along.

So 7 random facts about myself.. hmm.. I seem to be an open book when it comes to things. But I'll give it a shot :)
  1. I'm a history nerd, specifically US History, I love learning about it. I love visiting old plantation homes that have been preserved since the 1600-1800's. I just think it's really neat.
  2. I may act pretty fearless in real life, and very certain of well - everything. But I have my fears just like everyone else. Example - I am terrified of death, dying, specifically the what happens afterwards aspect. Like I literally have a panic attack every time I think of it.
  3. I think I've mentioned it before but I am a medical mess. I have Duane's Retractrion Syndrome and no - it's not as bad as the pictures. But when I take pictures I have to stand on a certain side of Erik so it isn't noticeable. I was joked pretty bad in school about it - dumb kids. I also have Graves Disease which was treated by radioactively killing my thyroid gland and now I am and will be on thyroid pills - synthryoid - for the remainder of my life. I also suffer from migraine's.. but thankfully they have gotten a lot better.
  4. I am insane about keeping our house clean. I enjoy having a clean home, and not having to dedicate a whole day a week to cleaning. So I do it daily. It's just us two, and well the furbabies, so there really isn't much to clean up after. But, long story short, I enjoy a clean home.
  5. I'm still really new at this blogging thing. I really want to make a cute 'button' as a link to my blog, but haven't a clue how to. I also want to make my page really pretty, but haven't quite figured it out yet. I'd love some help if anyone knows how to do it and wants to help me out :)
  6. I'm semi addicted to Facebook. It's on my phone - which is probably horrible.
  7. I get really upset when people take advantage of things they have or things that are given to them. The pell grant is a great example of this. It amazes me how much I struggle to pay for school with loans, but yet if Sally want's to go get knocked up and have a baby then she'll get a grant to go to school. It isn't exactly fair in my book. But that's an entire other post.

So now... I have to pick some other ladies to award this to. :)

Cassie at A Barton Kind of Family
Hillary at The Kitchen Bitch Blog

Other than that I hope everyone is having a great Thursday, it's almost Friday! I'll post pictures of my newest diy project, which I am pretty proud of, soon. As for now, it's work and busyness of people fixing things and getting fence estimates.

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