Friday, May 27, 2011


I may not always realize how lucky I am to have the things that I have, the people who I have in my life, nor the great things that have made it my way. I may get wrapped up in the daily stresses and I am guilty of getting caught up in the things that I don't have. But I really truly am grateful for what I do have, and the possibilities and the opportunities that have come my way, and will one day come my way.

I don't normally write about other people, or really compare my self to their situation, because everyone is different no matter how similar the situation is. After hearing about her fiance breaking things off, due to him not being sure and not being as happy as he thinks he should be, I realized something. I know with all my heart when that day comes, and Erik and I join our lives further together than they already are, that he will be more than sure of his actions. He won't have a doubt in his mind, nor will I.

I guess what I am getting at, is not everyone takes their time before taking the next step in their relationship. Not everyone is one hundred percent sure, without a doubt in their mind, when they say 'I do' at the end of the aisle. But I know our relationship is different, and we will be there without a doubt, whenever the right time is.

I'm also so grateful for my friends and family those who care about me and worry about me, and want nothing but my happiness. Those who although I'm seven hundred miles away still call or text to say hello, and see how life is. I miss them more than ever, especially when I feel so alone here.

I'm grateful to have an amazing home, an amazing furbaby family, and to be living in a country where I have the freedom to express how I feel. I have so much to be grateful for, and I always need to keep that in mind. To remember for everything that I don't have, there are so many more things that I do have. Things always happen for a reason, we might not understand why but there is always a rhyme or reason for it.

Anyways, this turned into a bit of a ramble. I hope everyone has a great day!

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