Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Pretty Domestic :)

I definitely am getting that decorating and homemaker itch. I officially have my first diy project. There are these really awesome frame's I found that I want to find some fabric for and hang them up. I can't wait to post the before and after pictures of it. I ended up scoring the frames from an old neighbor at the apartment complex. I'm not sure how he scored them, maybe from working at Victoria's Secret, but hey they're pretty neat. I'm pretty excited to see how it turns out.

On another hand, I've now been off birth control for two months now and am finally feeling pretty good, and like I'm back to normal. I still have days where I feel off, but everyone does. We've also been down in Jacksonville, two months tomorrow. I can't believe how fast time goes by, I also can't believe how much can be accomplished in two months. We moved down here, found and bought a house, and moved into it. Pretty crazy if you think about it. It works for us though.

I'm starting to get this horrible decorating, and home body itch. If it doesn't pertain to us going out and getting something for the puppy/us/house. I don't want to go out. I just want to stay home and make our home, well a home. I love being able to decorate and not having to worry about undecorating in a few months/weeks.

I also forgot to mention my recent coupon scores! I think I mentioned I got two free Lysol Dual Action wipes for free at Target. Well I went grocery shopping on Saturday at the commissary, I didn't score too many things for free although I did get a toothbrush and two Nivea chap sticks for free. But I did save $44.05 thanks to coupon skills. I may not be an extreme couponer, but hey a penny saved is a penny earned. I did score two Clean and Clear products for a $1 each, paid only .25 cents for some Bagel Bites, .79 cents for Nature's Valley Granola bars and .30 cents for Hamburger Helper. Overall I got some pretty awesome deals, and saved a good chunk of money. Let's hope next grocery trip I can top that. I think I would of saved more had they not closed early. But oh well.. I'm hoping for $50 worth of savings next time and making it under $200 for a month's worth of groceries.

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