Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I've got the fix...

The cure to baby fever, definitely is a puppy. Oh my goodness, my baby fever is gone, at least for a while. I am so utterly exhausted. Sleeping isn't going so well, we're trying to teach her to sleep on her bed but cave in and let her sleep in the bed because we're just so tired. She cries when she can't see us. Not to mention I can't even take a peaceful shower, she sits at the door (we have a shower stall, the stand showers - with a separate tub) and she watches me and whines the entire time. I know its going to be rewarding, but for sure it's tiresome.

It's definitely cured, or at least temporary taken care of my baby fever. I couldn't imagine taking on a baby right now, not with a puppy. She is going to make a great dog there is no doubt about that. But right now, it's extremely tiresome. I also feel the whole one 'parent' thing, Erik is at work all day long, he leaves at 5 and is home at 5. I'm the one with her all day long, I have to punish her when she chews on things she isn't supposed to. Not him, he gets to come home and be the 'good cop'. I'm hoping things will get better soon, I'm sure it'll take a good month or so, I know it's only temporary. So, hopefully before Erik's parents come in a few weeks it'll be done with.

I've had some pretty accomplished days lately, I've gotten estimates to get the tree on the property line removed. I've gotten the ridiculous ComCast issue taken care of, I've set up another estimate for the fencing. I'm going to google some more fencing companies as well and get some estimates from them. Oh! I also scored two free things of Lysol Wipes from Target yesterday thanks to a handy dandy coupon. They were $1.08 each, and I had 2 $1.50 off coupons off of one Lysol wipe product. So, that made them free with a 94 cent credit. :) Go me! I've been really on top of them lately, so I am really excited to use them and score some awesome cheap and free deals!

I hope everyone has a happy Wednesday!

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