Monday, April 4, 2011

What a weekend.

So lovebug and I had a great weekend, maybe I'm a bit partial because it was for the most part things I wanted to do. Saturday we went to Saint Augustine. It's a pretty neat little place. We went to the historic part, they had this mile long road that was for people to walk on, it had a bunch of cute little stores you can wander into. There was a lot of history there, we went to this Fort and it was pretty neat. They did a cannon demonstration which was cool. There was also an old cathedral there, we didn't get to go inside because something was going on in there. But it was beautiful and I can't wait to go back. We stopped by the outlet mall, which wasn't too impressive. I did get a new purse from the Coach store, (I know, I know BAD me!) and the kitchen store had our hanging produce basket and the pinch bowels I've been needing. We stopped by a sporting goods store called Gander Mountain. I feel in love with this ruger 22-10 rifle. Which is pretty bad ass. As soon as I get my Drivers License for Florida, which should hopefully be today, I will be getting a 22 rifle, probably a Remington 597 with pink mossy oak camo :) It's pretty bad ass, and it has these fiber optic sights on them too! So hopefully it will be here soon. We ate a yummy dinner at Longhorn, and I even got Erik to take me to Home Goods! Which I totally love, love love!! I think I buy more for decorating than anything else. I just love it, I love making our home look pretty.
We went to the mall on Sunday since I needed to get some summer clothes, I'm pretty hard on my summer clothes and almost always need more! And then ventured over to Erik's friends house and cooked out with them.

I did learn some things this weekend, surprise! I've learned that, I need to slow down and enjoy the smaller things in life. That I can't always control everything, nor should I. Life has better plans for me than what I believe, and maybe I should just enjoy the ride rather than try to drive and navigate and everything else that I try to control. I don't always do the right thing, say the right thing, or even have a clue of which direction I am heading but I'm damn sure I'm right. I need to just relax, let the small things go and just enjoy being with the people who are in my life.
I also learned, that not everyone is going to like you and vise versa. And it isn't always appropriate to voice your opinions of anything. Certain situations are obviously okay, but sometimes the best thing to do is bite your tongue, put on a smile and just let it go. Or at least let it go until you are out of ear shot, or heck out of the same place as the other person who is bothering you. We were all created different, because heck life would be pretty boring if we were all like one another, I know I am pretty awesome but I wouldn't want a million other me's here. So either embrace it, or just bite your tongue and let it all out later. You never really know how far nice goes. You might never know, weather it's making life a little bit easier for your better half, or maybe tolerating a person for the sake of a friendship, or even just being nice to the people on the other end of the customer service line might go. You catch more flies with sugar than with vinegar. And that's a saying to live with.

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