Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Oh... Navy. Sometimes I could punch you.

Well... there are always the day's where you just want to punch the Navy right in the kisser. If it's one thing I can count on, it's the good ol' Navy teaching me just how to do everything on my own. Erik has duty on Friday, now normally I don't care... duty days for aviation are a lot different than ship's company duty days. There isn't a boat to sleep on, so they come home because base has it's own firefighters and rescue people - which is really why there are duty days, in case you were wondering. So for us that just means he has another ten hour workday and probably a watch billet to stand that weekend. So normally I could care less... but it isn't just any Friday he has duty on. Nope... it's closing day on our house! So we had to call our awesome realtor and see if she can move it to Thursday instead or Friday afternoon. I'm really hoping it's Thursday because I've already called the cable company to come out on Friday. So if things go like how I would like them to go, I will be moving us Friday. It never seems to fail that something happens for moving day.. outside of the PCS move, Erik's never been around for a move. It's either been a duty weekend at his old command, where they actually had to work all weekend long, or he's been deployed. So it seems like the Navy is either trying to keep me in shape, or just teaching me a lesson. Not to mention, they are moving Erik back to nights. Which doesn't really bother me too much. Just as long as we are out of this darn apartment before they do it. I hate it here, HATE actually probably doesn't justify. Our neighbors are so inconsiderate and loud, and there have been robberies and just ughhhh. So.. as long as we are out of here by that time I'm good as gravy. And then here is the real kicker (thank god we were able to use the fact that we are closing on a house to get out of it!) they tried to send Erik back to Virginia Beach for 8 weeks! Can you believe that?! We just moved from there four weeks ago! That would of sucked - big time!

On another note. My mind has been running ragged with decorating ideas! I can't stop thinking about things I want to do to our new home. Not to mention I am positive Ross and the Home Good's store and Amazon are loving me right now. I want everything to look perfect. Erik's parents are coming to visit at the end of May for memorial day weekend. I know Erik is so excited to see them, and I am really excited about having them visit. I just want to make sure everything looks perfect when they do come. Maybe it's just a southern thing, you are judged on how your home is kept. We as women, all know this or should. And I just want his mom to like everything. I really don't ever want to have the relationship where I don't get along with my inlaws. They are wonderful people, and have done an amazing job in raising Erik, I know he wouldn't be the man he is today without them so I just want to make the best impression on them. I know I've meet them before, and I know I've visited them before. But they've never visited us, so I just want them to know I am a good 'homemaker'. I think one of a women's biggest qualities is how she keeps her home. You can really tell a person's personality by how the house is kept and decorated.

I also wanted to bring up the topic of couponing! It's been a pretty hot and heavy topic since TLC's new show Extreme Couponing came out. I've been clipping coupons since about August. But have gotten a lot better at it. And after doing some adjusting and more exploring recently, I am pretty excited about my next grocery trip. I wanted to share some of my tips to help you (if anyone is there) save some money too!
  • Make a menu for the month (or whatever time duration you go shopping for). If you make a menu and list out all the ingredients for the meal, you won't have to make as many last minute stops at the corner store to pick up the missing pieces. Plus if you have a menu, you won't have to wonder up and down the aisle thinking about what you can make for dinner - you've already done it!
  • Don't go hungry! Bad, very, very bad idea. Your hungry, you either pick up a ton of food and spend more than you want, or you get in a bad mood because the lady in front of you won't move it fast enough so you can get in and out and your bound to forget something.
  • Check out they have free printable coupons. You have to download the printer app, but hey it works and the quality is great!
  • Pick up the Sunday paper and sign up for RedPlum coupons to be delivered to your mailbox for free. Most Sunday coupons are pretty good, and there are always a lot. - Plus I've noticed these don't limit you to one coupon per purchase, so you can stock up! Some places I've heard give away the extra Sunday papers on Monday - so extra coupons!
  • Take your menu and go through your coupons, pull out the ones you will definitely use and the ones you need to use before they expire. Bring your whole coupon book with you - you never know what will be a 'surprise' sale item and you don't want to be upset when you left your book at home and realize you could of saved even more
  • Check out this site that I literally just found! She has a list of items on sale and coupons that go with them!
  • Also, Check out the commissary's website to see whats on sale - I've noticed if you go in between pay periods they have more on sale, but I could be wrong.
I hope I was able to help some of you wonderful ladies to save some extra money. While I am very grateful for the paychecks that the Navy provides us with, we all know it never is enough. And its nothing compared to some of the salaries some civilians make. But by couponing, we can help save some money! :)

Have a Great Navy Day and Happy Hump Day!

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  1. You know this will be our second move with the navy and I will be doing it by ourselves without him so its good to know im not the only one out there ;)