Wednesday, April 6, 2011


So something has been on my mind for a while, and while I still can't completely wrap my head around how or why this has happened, I'm going to try.

Our society, has created this vision of a perfect woman, utter perfection that seems to have many women trying to live up to that standard, including myself. But that standard is just simply unreachable. It's obtained by piecing together these legs, with her boobs, and her slim waist, and her defined collarbone, and her lips. It's like piecing together a puzzle with pieces from five or six different puzzles. You don't get the beautiful picture that once was, instead you get a blurry vision. Which is exactly what society has created. We, as women, seem to forget that we are individuals and are indiviudually perfect in our own ways. But too many women forget that. Not putting us down as females, because I do it too. We see those pictures all over magazine's, of the airbrushed perfect model. We read articles from Cosmo, on how to be more sexy, how to please our men. Not once, how to make yourself happy, or how to please ourselves (no, not just sexually!). We see those articles, how to get the perfect legs, butt, ab's, have Jennifer Aniston's arms. It's insane how long I can go on about this. This is only part of the way society tries to create the 'perfect' women. Only to plaster her on a tabloid and have thousands of people tell her she is too fat. And we get wrapped up in it. If she is too fat than that means I must be a cow! So we go out, invest in gym memberships not for the health benefits but to be skinnier, smaller, to have the perfect well.. everything. Some invest in diet pills, some starve themselves. We need to treat ourselves better than this. I'd much rather see a REAL woman on a magazine cover, than someone famous. After all those celebrities already have all the money they need, and all the plastic surgery to make them smaller, and well more 'perfect'. Sadly it seems like it's a never ending cycle. I don't know when it started, and I'm sure women have always been competing to be skinnier, smaller, prettier than the next woman for years and centuries before us. What happened to being the best, mother, daughter, friend you can be? It's like we lost ourselves in trying to become perfect. Instead of knowing our beauty, and having self confidence we thrive off of compliments. And if we don't recieve them, or hear what it is that we want to hear our self confidence plunges and we are back in the gym, back on the diet to hear what it is we want to hear.

We lose ourselves in this battle. The battle of trying to be perfect, trying to be the best, trying to be the prettiest. Girls are going out, as teenagers and getting breast implants, and liposuction! What on earth has it come to? Actors are there to act, not to be the vision of what you want to look like. I can fully understand the make up tips, and the hair ideas, and the outfit ideas that magazine's put out. That makes sense, we all like to be fashionable, but our own way of fashionable and we all like to play with our 'regular' makeup. But this whole, I am going to go through all of these plastic surgeries to look like this famous person, that's over the top. But yet, MTV glamerized it and made a television show regarding it. It isn't all it's cracked up to be people.

But yet, we keep on truckin', trying to become 'perfect'. We put ourselves down everytime we look in the mirror, and see just a smidgen of a belly pudge. We notice when our men look at other women, and think "well maybe if my boobs were as big as her's, he'd love me more". We know men watch porn, and instead of just thinking of them as glamorized sluts, we think "maybe he'd be more pleased if I acted like that in bed" or "Well maybe if I looked like her.. ". What is going on!?! This is crazy.. and yet there is no stopping it! What about what makes us happy? What about simply just trying to live a healthy and happy lifestyle? I can only wish, that women, including myself, will start loving themselves and loving who they are and the way they look and the way god made them.

I know this post won't go anywhere, maybe Pink's new song, "Perfect" might..

"Pretty, pretty, please don't you ever, ever feel like your less than perfect"

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