Tuesday, April 12, 2011

College and the future

There's this place you go to umm.. learn, I guess get like this 'education' everyone is always talking about. There's always homework and these things called 'tests'. Whats it called.... oh yeah! College! I thought I would be missing it, I mean I did finish up my semester in 8 weeks before the move, but I've been going and going and going since 2009. So I thought I would be missing it like crazy, well... sadly I'm just not. I am planning on going up to my new college and seeing just what I need to get done to get my diploma. I still am not really sure what it is I want to do career wise. I've thought a lot about teaching, and it's definitely something I want to look into. Either way, I just want to make sure that no matter what career path I choose that I enjoy it, and I will be good at it. More importantly, I do know that I need to finish up whatever it is, fast. I can't afford to stay in college much longer, and I don't want to take out any more student loans, especially now that the government is controlling it all now. Not to mention, I am considered out of state for the next year. So honestly, I know that once the last few months of my GI Bill are up, I can't go back until I qualify for instate, and some grants/financial aid or scholarships of some sort. It's sad, that I have to put my education on hold because of finances, but its a reality that not just me, but a lot of other students face as well.

How does a person decide what they want to do for the rest of their life? I mean, I want to love my career and enjoy it. I'm not concerned about pay to be quiet truthful. I've never made a significant amount of money at a job, and I've always managed. Plus enjoying what I do is so much more rewarding then having a six figure salary. On top of wanting to enjoy my career, being military and now that Erik is talking about staying in for 20 years because of the economy, I need to be able to have a career in a field that always has a job demand, so I can find a career no matter where we get stationed to. Not to mention once he does get out a career that can help support us where we aren't having to ever think about living paycheck to paycheck. I refuse to be that family. Just a lot of thinking to do. I'm always thinking about everything. Sometimes I think my brain doesn't ever rest.

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