Monday, April 18, 2011

News and thoughts!

We have a home!!!

And the kitchen is beautiful!!

So, I didn't want to really say anything, until Erik felt comfortable saying anything. House hunting as been up and down for us, just when we thought we'd find the one and put in an offer it wouldn't get accepted. Well our Realtor really did a great job and found us our home! It's a brand new house, meaning it's new construction. It's in a really great neighborhood that's called Oakleaf Plantation. And it's just really exciting! Knowing it's ours, and that not one single person has lived in it besides us is amazing. It's so exciting to know that this is our home, and we get to grow and love in it. It's just a really amazing feeling. We close on it April 29th and will for sure be moving in that weekend. We do still have a month left at the apartment, but what's the point in staying when we don't like it here, and have our own home to live in! We haven't really meet any of our neighbors yet, so hopefully we have nice neighbors! But that's the big news and I just wanted to share my excitement with everyone!

On another note, Erik and I have started (my idea) the 'Love Dare' it's a book from Fireproof, I've never seen the movie so I wouldn't really know much about it, I just heard about it through the grapevine. But I thought why not. We don't have relationship issues, which is why most people use the book, but I wanted to just explore our relationship and strengthen it - because there is always room to strengthen it. And so far we are on Day 7. It's pretty neat, although we are only a week into it. I can definitely tell that it's doing something. What, I'm not quite sure. 

This weekend was nice. Friday night Erik went and played poker with some guy's and I stayed over in the Orange Park area, mainly the main road since I was too worried to explore further, and did a little shopping. I got some great deals from Ross, ended up scoring an 8 piece dinner set for only $30. I love bargain shopping, I am the first one to admit it. I rather find a great buy on sale for cheap than spend the money outright on it and pay full price. Not this girl. We went to some consignment shops in the higher end area on Saturday just to see what we could find. We didn't get anything, but did find a bed for the second guest bedroom. We decided to wait on it, there isn't a point in buying anything now just for it to sit at the house, it can wait until we get moved in there. No need to rush on it. We went out to our home and took a bunch of pictures of it that afternoon. It was so nice and exciting to be able to share it with everyone. Then we went out to a barn to check it out, for boarding and what not. And just came home and relaxed. Sunday was nice, we ended up going to an auction with two of Erik's friends where Erik bought 2 more guns and then went to the beach for a little bit. It was too chilly (and yes, 70 is a little chilly for me to be at the beach it's been in the 80's for the past few weeks) and just came home and relaxed and hung out. Oh! Almost forgot, we watched the Social Network finally, the movie about Facebook! I'm a total facebook whore, it's addicting. Lol! But it definitely was neat to see how it was created, and the story behind it. It was almost sad that they attacked him. I mean really, you come up with a dating idea to get you laid and then someone gets the brilliant idea to turn it into something so much bigger. Don't be jealous. Just because someone is straightforward and blankly honest doesn't make him an asshole. It makes him honest. Some people just don't handle honesty that well.

But it's Monday, again. And this week probably will fly by pretty fast. We have a walk through on our home on Friday, where we go around and mark any little thing that is wrong with the house. Like the door paint is chipped here, or there is a mark there. Anything, and they will fix it before closing on the following Friday! I hope everyone has an awesome week, and try to make the best out of everyday your given!

-On a side note I wanted to add, if you do follow me and know me in real life please keep what you read to yourself. Don't walk up to myself or Erik and just start talking about what you 'read'. I use this as an outlet. To get things off of my chest and off of my mind. And it can be anything I am thinking that I write about. Keep it private please. Yes I get that it's on the Internet for the whole world to see. But that doesn't mean I want to talk about certain things with people. Like I said, this is just my out. So please be respectful of that.

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