Sunday, April 10, 2011

Thinking out loud..

On the note of homesickness - I miss my friends being close by. I miss going out with them and yes in a way escaping the daily life and 'housewife duties'. I miss being able to go out for margarita's and laughter and girl talk. I like Florida - and I don't want people to think that I don't. I do, its so nice here and there is always something to do. Maybe its because it's new and an adventure. I just hope I am able to make some honest friends here, I don't need any more and I won't have any Navy wife drama. That is too annoying, and way to draining.

On a lighter note, things seem to be going well in the house hunting world. I don't want to jinx anything just yet. But hopefully soon I can share.

I've been debating back and forth and back and forth whether or not it's smart of me to take on horse ownership. I want to more than anything, it's the most rewarding thing ever and it will be great to make some riding friends and what not. However, I just wonder whether or not it's financially smart or not. If you don't know, horses and the sport of riding is expensive. It adds up pretty quickly. Just trying to weigh my options. There are a lot of things to think about, the cost of board, the cost of tack, vet bills, farrier bills, and clothing/boots. It gets expensive fast, and I know its worth it, I just wonder if it is financially smart. If I were to do this I wouldn't have any room for spending/shopping, and fun money. I am pretty comfortable, I am able to pay my bills and have money for savings. I am pretty lucky regarding my car payment, as my parents have saved up all of the money I received from the VA and are using that to pay for it. But I do know in the future I will have to pay for it. Whether or not Erik and I are married by then or not. I want to know full well that the money I am bringing in is enough to pay for everything that I have expenses for. I want to make sure that any expense I take on won't financially be a burden down the road - especially with taking on home ownership and everything else. I just want to make sure I make the right choice. Thinking, thinking, and thinking and pricing everything out before making a choice.

I hope everyone has a great sunday, and a wonderful week!

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