Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Pet Peeves and the waiting game...

Everyone has pet peeves, those things that just get under your skin and push your buttons. Most of them are common sense things and then we all have the little OCD pet peeves.

Something that really bothers me is when people try to give opinions/advice/wisdom/suggestions/input whathave you, they give their 2 cents on something they know absolutely nothing about, or just very minor things regarding it. For instance, and no I'm not trying to branch hate, just hear me out. First off I will state, that every branch has minor things that are different about them. For instance (from what I know, not that it is neccessarly true or not) the Army and National Guard only deploys during wartime, while the Navy and Marines deploys constantly. But what gets me, is when someone who lives the military life part time, National Guard, reservists and so forth, is when their significant other seems to have this opinion on everything, that yet she might not even fully understand. For example, first off no one and I mean NO one should ever tell another spouse that she has it easier than the next person, like the whole "well your significant other is on a ship, at least he isn't boots on ground like mine is" that's a whole other pet peeve. But what I am getting at, is mainly don't give your input about something you don't know about. For instance, don't tell me a $30 pay increase won't be noticed. Just because you and your significant other have two incomes outside of the military world doesn't mean you could understand how $30 makes a difference. Yes it's nice to have the things we do have, such as housing, food allowance, and a lower health insurance payment than many others do. But that's simply because if you were to factor out housing and food allowance, no one would be able to live off of that money and not be waist deep in debt. It also doesn't help when everyone gets their panties in a bunch before they read something from a legitimate source, or the action is really going to happen. Instead they see the posts about it on Facebook and "Poof!" There panties are all wadded up in a bunch over something they know next to nothing about. It really irritates me, if you haven't lived this life as a child or as a spouse 24/7 then don't pass judgement. Regardless no one should pass judgement on a person if you haven't walked a mile in their shoes.

But on a brighter subject. If we don't hear anything back by Thursday about the house we put an offer in on we will start looking at other homes again. We put in our 60 day notice for our apartment and have to be out by May 31st so we are in a time crunch, and hopefully will be closed on something by May 16th. I really love this house, I just hope we can get it. If not there is a reason for it and there is something better out there. This house buying stuff is certainly an adventure and a long drawn out waiting game.. so it should get along great with the Navy's motto "Hurry up and wait"!

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