Thursday, March 3, 2011

Horses and Baby Fever

Well, I am getting excited now. About freaking time, right?! Only a week away and now I am getting in the moving mood. Better than nothing though!

So I finally got the brilliant idea of doing some volunteer work down in Jacksonville. Since now it isn't ideal for me to own my own horse, what better than to volunteer and work with rescue horses?! That is probably why I am so extremely excited about the move, but still I am excited. I think it is a great way to help and meet new people and get out of the house. Most of you know I work from home, so I thankfully don't have to worry about finding a job down in Jacksonville, since mine will come with me. But I also don't have the 'coworker envoirnment' which is both good and bad. So I don't really get out of the house much, and won't much there. So I am diving head first into this project and I am so ready to start. Hopefully it doesn't take long to find a place. I have contacted two non-profit organizations as well as the humane society down in Jacksonville. So hopefully I can start helping soon!

Now for the Baby Fever topic. Oh my goodness has it gotten horrible! I didn't think it was bad until my dream last night. Right now it obviously isn't ideal to even consider the idea of getting pregnant, or adding an addition to our life. For one, we aren't even married. And although many couples look down on us living together, and my moving to stay with him, being married is something I won't budge on if I want to have a child. So until that day, I need to keep it out of my mind. But it really is so hard, I know I would be a great mother, but seeing all of my friends who either weren't planning on having children and those who were having babies makes me want one that much more. Especially some of those people who aren't in a position to have a child. Hopefully the horse volunteer and working out will help. Plus we are looking at homes to buy, so that is a big item on our list and I can't wait to start decorating! But I need to just focus on me, and not think about adding a child into our lives, even though I badly want one and everything a child entails. I know I am only 22 but having found out that one it might not be easy to have a child for us, it makes me want one that much more. So well see... just wait it out I guess and hope the matter drifts out of mind soon.

So it is back to packing for me. We still have a lot left to pack, and will be pulling out of Virginia Beach next Friday. So pack, pack, pack I must!!

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  1. Volunteering is a good idea. I think I'm going to contact the Humane Society in Honolulu. I'm starting to get excited too about my move now that everything is coming together!
    I partially get where your coming from with the baby thing. I also found out it'll be harder for me to get pregnant, so some times I just want to start working on it now even though I know that is not a good idea at all.
    Enjoy Florida! I'm sure you'll have blast!