Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Home is where the Navy sends you

Settling in.. man it sure takes time. Well this girl here is super obsessive about having everything just right where it needs to be, or should be. I am totally a much cuter, nicer Martha Stewart.. I like having things look pretty all the time. I clean, and clean, and clean, and decorate, and organize. Just sort of how I have always been, since believe it or not I was a kid. I always put up my toys, well until I hit teenage hood.
But anyways... we are slowly getting there. Definitely not has fast as I wanted, but getting there. I got a lot of my clothes unpacked today. Realized I have plenty of room to go shopping, yay! My office is getting set up - I've got my desk all together. I just need to go through the room and unpack the rest of the boxes that are in here.. there are a good 6 or 8 still to go.
We went and got a dresser chest for our room, since Erik takes up a lot of drawers. So I now have somewhere to put my clothes at. We need to start browsing craigslist for a guest bed since my good friend is coming to visit next month, and then Erik's parents shortly after.

But it's all coming together... off to bed because this girl is exhausted!

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