Thursday, March 17, 2011

Feeling Productive

Well it has been a very productive past few days, and I am feeling really productive today. Erik is checking into his new command this morning, and beginning his first day of work there. Yay for shore duty!! We've done a lot of unpacking, and by we I mean me, and Erik's done a lot of buying the past few days. We had a drawer crisis - at our old apartment they had these storage racks in the closet which I used instead of drawers, and Erik - being Navy - takes up a lot of drawers and not a lot of closet space (aside from dress uniforms and button ups of course) so it worked out.. well here we have a huge closet with no storage racks. So we had to go to Ashley and get the matching dresser chest. And we have a second bedroom now - so with pending visitors - I hoped on craigslist and scored us a nice (barely used, if ever) queen guest bed and mattress for $250! Thank goodness for being in a military town were people are PCSing all the time - the family we are picking it up from has used it like 4 times, and are PCSing and can't take the extra weight so it worked out.
So today, I am working and decorating, and unpacking all the boxes in my office/guest room to make room for it. I always feel super productive when Erik is gone. No joke. I did all the decorating when he was deployed last year, thanks to a bottle of wine and a sleepless night. But it works for us. I love decorating and he doesn't mind not having a say so. Hahaha! Every girls dream right? I do ask, but I always get the whole "As long as you like it baby" or the "What ever looks good and makes you happy"

On another note. I've been really frustrated lately concerning my dog, I had to leave her in Virginia Beach until we close on a home. I love my dog enough to know that I can't put her in an apartment, she would go nutso. She lives in a home with my parents, her same home since she was a few months old for the past 10 years. I'm not really sure how the move will affect her, and I am really hoping she will be okay. She also has horrible skin issues that I am trying so hard to fix, I've been to countless vet appointments since October and get some improvement and it just gets worse. It hurts me to see her like this, and it breaks my heart leaving her. It's frustrating having to be so far away from her when there is so much important things going on right now, it's also frustrating knowing my parents aren't exactly being straightforward and honest with me and knowing I have to rely on them to take her. I have a lot of built up anger towards them and I am really trying my hardest to let it go. But my dog is important and its hard knowing that I can't trust them 100%. I offer to fly up to take her to the appointments and get promised that they will take her, and then a week before her appointment I am told "oh we changed the appointment" her appointments shouldn't be changed, they are the dates/times they are because of the medicine she is on. Also, it doesn't add up when I get a call from the vet confirming the original appointment. I'm just frustrated. I want to do whats right for my dog. I know putting her in a 1200 sq foot apartment with no backyard isn't fair to her. But I also know that relying on my parents who aren't being helpful isn't fair either. Ughh... we'll see if I need to fly back to Virginia Beach or not to take her. Why can't they just be honest and helpful with me - it's one hour of their day?!

But back to work I go.. and back to decorating and unpacking! I've got a lot to do while Erik's at work!

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