Thursday, March 10, 2011

I love Mom.

I've been having really mixed emotions about leaving lately. And it wasn't until I had a heart to heart with my mom last night and really told someone how I was feeling that I felt better. Maybe it's just my mom making it better. Either way, she always fixes everything and does it with such grace its amazing. But I think I've come to terms with it, it's a good thing I did since the moving truck is pretty much completely packed, and we just have a few more boxes to put into it today.

It was nice to tell my mom how I have been feeling and just get a hug and reassurance. Especially lately, with Erik being so on edge about everything under the sun. I've really had to become more vocal about not tolerating his attitude towards me when things don't come out like they should. He's gotten a lot better about recognizing when he talks to me in a rude or unpleasant tone and apologizing as well. Communication is the key. This season, and these up's and down's are all new to us - we've never had this time together, nor had the opportunity to really share a move together either. So it's a new adventure.

I've also noticed that I believe my birth control is causing a lot of depression and anxiety. So hopefully once my PCM change goes through, since I am switching regions, I can see someone and get it all straightened out. As well as what is causing this pain, because it's back with revenge.

So we head out tomorrow, after breakfast with my parents, and will stop for the night in South Carolina. I was promised a trip to South of the Border and I am really happy about that. It looks like a neat quirky place, which has my name written all over it. So I probably won't be posting again until next week unless I can get my Droid App working. We should have Internet on Monday, but there is a lot of unpacking to do. And I still have to work, but it will work out.

So wish us luck on our move (if anyone is out there) and I will post when I can :)

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