Monday, March 14, 2011


Well we made it here. Friday was a really hard day for me, we went to breakfast with my parents. And man was it delicious, but it was bittersweet. My mom came back to the apartment with me and helped me get everything that wasn't packed, packed, and everything cleaned up for the walk through. I went back to her house and waited for Erik to do the walk through. It was so hard to say goodbye to her, a lot of tears. We got on the road around 2 and headed south. We got to South of the Border at 630 ish, and what a disappointment. Errr! I was so looking forward to it, more than usual because I needed something to be excited about. Well it, to put it bluntly, sucked. We ended up spending the night in Florence, South Carolina. We of course had to sneak funny bunny into the hotel room, since it was a no pets, but whatever she was in a cage thing. Poor bunny has to be traumatized by now. We went to eat at Chilli's, and it sucked. I wasn't really hungry because I was so emotional. But yeah.. Erik made a comment that really got to me, basically saying he felt bad for taking me away from my family, and that he didn't know I would handle it like this. How the heck was I supposed to handle it?! My family is my life, even though we have our ups and down's, we are still close. I hated leaving my friends, and friends who have become family.
We left the next morning at about 8, that was a long painful ordeal. I forgot the rabbit's water dropper bottle thing in the hotel room, and had to go get a new key since we had checked out. Erik wanted me to just find him on the highway - CRAP! - and I in turn got very very upset, I felt like he wanted to leave me behind. Eventually we got there, at about 1. And then everything hit the fan. - of course.
First, the weigh station was about 15 minutes south of the new apartment complex, so I thought I would brave it and just meet him there. Well - hello Mr. Panic Attack. In case you (if anyone is even reading this) don't know, Florida's speed limit, at least where I am at, is 70. Yes, 70. In Virginia Beach its 55! That's a big difference!! So the garmin starts doing this 'recalculating, recalculating, recalculating' and people are zoooming by me. Yeah - not good. But I got there without having to do any cookies (uturns). So I get a head start on signing the lease, and then Erik gets there and signs the lease. So we go into our apartment, and start looking around - it's the wrong apartment!! Yes, you heard me right - the wrong apartment!! So we go back down there, and by this time Erik is taking everything out on me - yelling, getting mad, the whole bit. So he does in to talk to them. And I call my mom crying, I wanted to go home, I wanted to leave right that very minute. So eventually we get into the right apartment. And get that whole situation all taken care of. Erik's friends Devin and Randy came over to help move the big stuff, and Devin's girlfriend Crystal came along to help too. It didn't take long to get it all moved in. We went and got dinner and crashed.
Yesterday was a good day though. I woke up and we called the apartment comcast guy and left him a message. And went and ran errands. Went to walmart and got new shower heads, as well as a bunch of other things - including a wine floor mat for the kitchen sink. Then went to Target and got a new shower curtain, and a new liner for our guest bathroom. Finally, we went to Home Depot and I got some flowers and pots and things to grow flowers. I bought some beautiful Gerber daisies, calla lillies, and hibiscus. I also got some herbs since that is something I've always wanted to grow. So that was a nice adventure. We got a lot accomplished yesterday unpacking wise and such.
We ventured over to the base to go to the NEX and the Furniture NEX - turns out they were closed. Super duper dumb! What kind of NEX is closed by 6 or on Sundays?! Not the one in Virginia Beach - oh and I saw the base hospital - OMG! How tiny!! It's like a 1/4 of the size of Portsmouth Naval.
Anyhow - OH! I am also going to on a week with no birth control, and haven't felt better. My mood is getting better and I'm not so up and down anymore. I've got a lot to do today, after I get done working. So it will be an adventure. We unfortunately won't have cable or internet until Wednesday - which really really stinks! I mean, I work based on the internet. So today I am sitting at Panera, using their internet. Which is annoying. But its kind of neat to people watch and work. So anyhow... back to work I go.

I hope everyone else has a great Monday.

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