Monday, February 28, 2011

Up, Down, Side to Side

Oh my goodness gracious. Life is hectic, emotional, and beautiful. Yes, a random combination I know but its true - well to me it is. I am finishing up my last few days of class before the first eight weeks are over, I will be done March 4th and unfortunately won't be going back until August. I am honestly, a little bummed about it, school is constant and it challenges me. So unfortunately I am being forced to take a break until August. My parents and I have been fighting a little bit lately, which truly isn't anything new its something that has always occurred. I am really making the effort to be a better person, to just swallow my pride and deal with it. Be the bigger person and just make the best out of the upcoming weeks. It's so scary to think tomorrow is March. Last year I would have been thrilled for this, it meant sending out another care package, and it was another month down. This year, I am terrified. Emotionally, I have been all over the place. It isn't fun. I can never make out what my mood is going to be an hour from now, and I can't stop myself from crying anymore. I cry at the drop of a pin lately it seems.
I don't know. Things are so all over the place.
But on the positive side, I just have to remember all I am being blessed with and that life is beautiful. God doesn't give us more than we can handle (although the Navy tries to sometimes). We went to the Berkley Plantation home yesterday with Carlyn and her husband. It was a perfect day, gorgeous weather, and the plantation is beautiful. It would really be ideal for an outdoor wedding. (and why yes, if you didn't guess it, I surely hinted at that) But it was beautiful and it was a perfect day. We finally ate at Cheddars, we've been saying for a year now that we would go, and we did. Boy was it yummy!

I really think I need to just start rolling with the punches, I try, but I have never been that great at it. Things are getting crazy and instead of being uptight over everything that isn't going right (including the mess of an apartment - so many boxes!!) I should focus on what I have and be grateful. I've had a little bit more wine than I'd like to admit this weekend. I was going really good too, not that I am concerned about my alcohol intake, I am just trying to monitor my consumption and see how it affects my weight. Although, according to Cosmo, a glass of wine a day (or two for women) is extremely beneficial in weight loss. But who holds their breathe on that. Also, I finally received a call from my GYN appointment regarding my labs and they mentioned a hormone called, Prolactin, was elevated. So I had to call my endocrinologist regarding that, and hopefully it isn't anything serious. Just waiting for a call back now.. fun.

So, hopefully things get easier to swallow soon. This emotional roller coaster has got to end. I really just can't take it much longer. Hopefully the rest of the week improves and I can just come to terms with the opportunity we are being given, and learn how to deal with the leaving home aspect.

I hope everyone had a great Monday.

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