Wednesday, February 23, 2011

This is America

So I know most of my posts lately have been a little depressing and aren't on the brightest notes. But I am trying and this is the way I get things out. Sometimes I just can't tell Erik everything I am feeling, I'm a girl I have like a thousand emotions a day and sometimes just writing them out is helpful enough and I feel better.

But today I am going to speak about something that truly gets under my skin about some people. We live in an amazing country. Where our founding fathers based it on the simplest of beliefs, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of press, and our freedom to 'bear arms'- or in current words - own guns. I don't think people truly ever really appreciate what we have. I don't think I ever really did until the revolutions in other countries started happening. I truly think we really take for granted what we, us as Americans, have. We really need to be more thankful that we live in such an amazing place. Granted, there are people who hate us - but that is not anything new - Thomas Jefferson discovered the issues that would arise with Islamic nations in the middle east hundreds of years ago. They are raised with different ideologies as us, different beliefs as some. But that's a little off the topic. Look at Egypt, they had to over throw their government because the president had been in their too long, a whopping 30 years. We complain about our president after a year or so. Granted, I don't like our current president. However, there are guidelines built up within our government preventing one person from being president for too long. We are lucky to have the freedom's that we have.  Too often do we take being able to state our thoughts and opinions for granted, or the fact that we can attend which ever service we'd like to on Sunday, without being attacked. There are so many others who have it worse, who sleep with one eye open because they are afraid for their well being. And why they sleep with one eye open, people complain about hearing jet noise day in and day out. Well, too me I love the 'noise' it is the sound of freedom, I actually feel safe hearing it. Those men and women are flying day and night to make sure we get a peaceful nights sleep. And yet some complain about it. I think many Americans need to realign their priorities, I'm not saying I am better than anyone else by any means. But I do think that many people are forgetting what truly is important, and what isn't quite as important. I know that I can sit in my home on Thursday night watching Jersey Shore because of the men and women defending our country to keep her safe. I truly think our founding fathers would be disappointed in our generation, heck they are probably turning over in their graves as we speak. It is important for everyone to realize what is important. What is worth getting your panties in a bunch? Would you rather hear your neighbors walking above you all night or would you rather have your rights to be taken away? We are so quick as a society to complain, but not quite to give gratitude. Why? Truly, it is disappointing. I would rather have the right to say how I feel, the right to post how I feel, the right to own my beautiful Smith and Wesson 40 M&P Edition.
Next time you want to complain about that Jet Noise, think of this. Those in Libya right now, fear the noise of jets because they will be shot for protesting their leader. Our jet noise is to keep us safe, to allow us to protest our government should we feel as if they are not doing their job. Our jet's aren't being sent out to kill protesters, they are flying over to protect American citizens.

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