Monday, October 25, 2010

Simply Amazinggg.

October 25, 2010

So I had an amazing weekend this past weekend. Everything was pretty much just on a whim- which I love, I love not having plans and just things happening as they come. So Friday we didn't really do much, I worked pretty late. I had a waxing appointment that Erik went with me too (he had the blackberry to occupy him, don't feel too bad) we went to Home Depot afterwords to get some shelves (I've been wanting since July). I simply hate clutter (I think I'm borderline OCD.. but that's another story). We came home.. just relaxed and I studied, the drill died so we couldn't hang the shelves up.

Saturday, I had my anatomy lab (I've missed the past two classes because of being out of town and an ER visit), I did better on my quiz than I expected. They had the cadaver out (one word- stinkyyyy!) but it was pretty neat to see the actual muscle and how they are incorporated, rather than just a flash card. Oh and I got to feel his spine, pretty neat. I got out of class a little early, got some extra studying done. Erik got up and hung up my shelves (they look awesome) and then we headed to Verizon to get him a cell phone. He hasn't had one since he got home from deployment, and well he needed one. So we went in, and he wanted the Droid Incredible (silly boys) and we put my phone on his plan (baby steps, right?) well surprise, since Erik got a Droid, I could get any phone in the store for free (yep, free). Apparently I was already due for an upgrade. Well.. I did it. I got rid of my blackberry (I'm such a crackberry addict) and got the Droid X.
We watched the UFC fight at the house later on, we ordered it to save some money, and watched Brock Lessner get beat (I was in and out of sleep for like an hour).

Sunday was just a nice day of rest and relaxation and reconnecting for us. Which we needed, we went to El Tap for some awesome Mexican and just made the day about us. Which is nice, we get so caught up in school and work that we get into the groove of the daily hustle and bussle that we forget about us and ourselves.

Oh and to top it all off-- I had a kick ass hair weekend. Well, that was the run down of it all. It was just such a great weekend, no stress, and just us, it couldn't of been any more perfect. But that's about it, back to Monday and school and work. But hopefully I won't get lost in it all again.

-Have a great week!

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