Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The pitty me game.

Okay.. so this is more of a frustration that I have. Everyone likes to play the pitty me game. Any where you look, civilian world and all over the military world.. everyone plays the pitty me game. What I mean by pitty me is when people think or assume that they have it so much worse than everyone else does. Like there is no one else who has life harder or tougher than they do. Why is it that everyone tries to compete to see who has 'life' the 'worse'.
It seems like people forget that there is always someone who has things worse than you, and it seems like people also forget that we have things, millions, of things to be thankful for. We have a roof over our head, we have jobs, we have food in the freezer and pantry, we have gas in the car, heck we have our own cars. There are thousands of people who are without, without a home, without food, without a job but they don't seem to complain. And maybe if they do they don't vocalize it as much as everyone else does. Heck I had a girl tell me that she had it harder because she didn't want to be so skinny and wanted to gain weight, well be happy that you have a small framed figure and eat healthy and you'll be fine. Golly! Be happy your not 400 lbs overweight and having health issues!
Now.. in the military world.. it mainly comes to the deployment realm. No matter the branch deployments SUCK but they happen. They arn't the end of the world, they feel like it, but you live and you get through it. No matter how long they are.. everyone has to go through things alone. You have to battle the midnight breakdowns, the car battery dying, the tires going flat, appliances breaking, some people have babies, no matter what you do it and you get through it. So why does everyone feel obligated of playing the pitty me game. We are all guilty of it.. I, myself included. It sucked having to go through 2 deployments in a year and half.. our entire relationship and Erik has been gone for 17 months of it. It SUCKS. But I rather enjoy the time we have now than dwell on the time we had apart. We didn't get R&R and yet I didn't complain about it. We did 6 and 7 months deployment and I was told my deployments were easier because they weren't 12 months long.. and I had hardly any phone communication both deployments. Either way.. they came and they went and they happened. Okay.. I'm rambling.

The point is.. is that someone always has it worse. Someone always is going to have it worse. But instead of boasting and complaining about how bad we have it. Why not appreciate what we do have? Why not appreciate the fact that we have food, and a home, and hot water. It's better to remind yourself that "Hey, we may not of ever had an anniversary together, but we've been able to spend Christmas together every year" Simple things like that that someone else didn't get. Millions went without a christmas last year.. so remember that. Remember that life is about embracing things, and being appreciative NOT dwelling and complaining.

So can people stop with the pitty me game yet? Because truthfull I'm over it.

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