Friday, October 22, 2010

House Hunting Leave...

Well, we got our dates for house hunting leave put in and I'm pretty sure they've accepted it. It looks like we will be heading down to Jacksonville at the beginning of december to start the buying process. Yep, we are buying! It's exciting and nerve wracking all at once, we have a lot of demands for first time home buyers and I just hope we can find a home that will meet all of those demands. A lot of them are just 'wants' but we do have some 'must haves' were we won't buy the house unless it has them. We were looking in the Orange Park area, but there are a ton of foreclosers and I don't want to live in a neighborhood where there arn't any neighbors. Plus they have a stupid CDD fee of like $1,600 a year to live in the newer neighborhoods (which is where we were looking), so I think we are still looking in the Orange Park area but closer towards Flemming Island. We've been online a ton lately just looking at houses, and areas, and schools. But anyways. I'm excited and nervous all in one. We are hopeing, with our fingers and toes crossed that we will find a house in the 10 days we are down there and can have the contract close in March when we move.

So fingers crossed everyone.

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