Wednesday, October 6, 2010

'I want to put you in a song'

October 6th, 2010
Music. Boy how I love music. The right song can turn your day completely around. I'm pretty open minded when it comes to music. I tend to stick with country music for the most part, but I listen to 'hip-hop' and rock and all those in between. My day can be going to crap.. Erik can be laying on the couch while I clean just irking my nerves something fierce, and you put on the right song.. and everythings great again. It's absolutely amazing what the small things, like music, can do to your mood. It doesn't always work.. you have your bad days when nothing works at all but most of the time it helps. And heck if music can't help my mood.. thats when a nice glass of wine or a strong margarita can surely help it.

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