Thursday, December 30, 2010

Wayyyy Better! :)

Not sure if the whole 'airing' it out yesterday helped, or maybe it was the new boots I bought (got a kickbutt steal on them too might I add) But I am feeling a lot better.
Yesterday was lovebugs birthday, and we spent the day relaxing, and me working, as well as a must needed trip to Shoe Carnival. Got home, spent time with Erik's Meme and PaPaw and went to dinner with his family, there was a new Olive Garden built in Louisville so we tried it out. Well - it's a longgg story but I like the ending - Erik's mom called ahead, and there was still close to a two hour wait - and no, I am so not patient, and we sit down and our waitress was dumb, with a capital DUMB. I try to be sypathetic, and nice, I really really do. But she was horrible - we told her it was Erik's birthday, (thinking they would sing to him - NO!) We were a group of 7, they gave us 6 silverware's, 5 small bread plates, and 6 bread sticks - apparently she can't count? Top it off - I only ordered water with lemon, and it took 3 repeated requests to get a single refill, Erik had gotten a Blue Moon while we waited and asked for another one, but a tall this time. We ordered our food and an appetizer, you know the normal, and well it took about 30 minutes to get our appetizer, which was 30 minutes of no drinks, no bread sticks, no silverware, lemons, or napkins, no beer. Got our appetizer, still no water, no bread sticks, no silverware, or beer. Received our dinner and finally got my water but no beer, and Erik had to go to the hostess stand to get silverware. This girl was horrible - so after dinner Erik's dad went and spoke with the manager, and just wanted to tell her how our dinner was. Well surprisingly she came over, apologized about everything without making a single excuse for it, gave his parents a gift card, and then turned to Erik and thanked him for his service and gave him a $50 gift card as well. It always, always, warms my heart when someone thanks him for his service. Erik isn't the kind of guy who really 'throws' around his service so when someone does find out and thanks him it always makes me smile.
But anyways - rambling - and back to the point of my post. I am feeling a lot more like myself and am a lot more cheerful. We are driving back home now, and its always kind of bittersweet leaving - I love visiting with his family, but I am definitely ready for some 'me' time, and sleep in my own bed.

I am also really thankful that we can finally enjoy our new years eve tomorrow night, I'm not sure what the plan is or what we are going to do for it - but we will be enjoying each others company without having to say goodbye the next day. I am really excited for the new year, the new changes, the new adventures, and the new friends that it will bring with it. In with the new, out with the old. I am really going to try to let go of all the bad and the resentment I've been holding over the year. Start the year fresh, with a positive outlook :)

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