Monday, December 20, 2010


I have been so busy lately, I haven't had time to breathe, relax, or even blog! My oh my! Well despite all the busyness, I haven't really had anything new happen lately. We got back from Jacksonville FL safe and sound, and found a place to live. It's been sort of go - go - go since. I've head dived back into work, and am really excited about taking on more duties. I've done a ton, and I mean a TON, of baking lately. And more importantly, Christmas shopping, and just seeing family and spending time with people. I am almost completely done with Christmas shopping! I have a few things to run out to the store and get today, as well as getting my hair done and eyebrows waxed, you know you have to look good for those off guard Christmas pictures. But outside of that nothing really new. Well except - more medical issues, and Erik is now officially on shore duty. Meaning no more deployments for at least three years!! But I will write more later, in a rush to get everything done!

Happy Holidays Everyone!!

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