Thursday, December 9, 2010

Golly Molly

It seriously is starting to feel like things are just getting worse and worse here in Jacksonville, and I just want to go home! We can't find anything, no where to live. I mean there are plenty of homes for sale and apartments for rent.. but nothing for us. Nope. Partially because, we want to buy, just not right now when we don't know the area. And because no one wants to rent anything to us for three months, we were just going to do an early termination - and that got expensive, really, really fast. So, I caved. I called my mommy and they are going to have a real estate agent give Erik a call, and we are hoping that they will have some connections with a place for three months - something that will give us a roof over our heads. I'm also having Erik give Navy Housing a call in the morning, as much as I know he does NOT want to give up BAH, it would be so much easier, and smarter to do naval housing and then buy a home - no contract, and we can up and leave whenever. The crappy thing is - we aren't married (to the military at least - personally I could care less if I have a document showing me that he loves me) so that makes it harder in the military world. But if we can't do housing - hopefully there is something they can do to help - a place they know or can advise us with. Who knows - anything at this point will help. We stuck together yesterday, and hopefully we can stick this out and will be able to come home to Virginia Beach this weekend knowing we have a place we can call home for 3 months or less. 
Fingers Crossed.

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