Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Getting there

So yesterday was a little stressful for us, and unfortunately I tend to have a bad habit of taking it out on my lovebug or getting snappy before thinking. And yesterday wasn't really different. We did go and see a few places, some that I didn't like and one that we really liked. Unfortunately, the one we really liked is at the top end of our budget (we try and stay under BAH) so we shall see, we are actually going to visit one of their sister companies today who I think are slightly cheaper and closer to base, so maybe that'll be the winner?? Who knows.. but back to the stress. Erik's been pretty stressed out about finding a place, he is more of the I want to find a place, and get it done now guy - very similar to his shopping habit (go figure). Erik was deployed when I found and moved into our current apartment. He was home when we rented a beach house - but that was really easy to choose from :) so this is a new ball game to him. And I do forget that, and really should be more patient with him. BUT when it comes to driving, I have not a clue where I am going, and am horrible at reading maps and giving distances (like really, how can you tell how far up a mile is??) . Well yesterday was one of those days, again, that we bickered for a little bit (because it never really lasts longer than 15 minutes, lol!) . Erik's gotten really used to me and Virginia Beach, and me knowing every road, where its at, the back roads if 264 is backed up, the shortcuts, basically knowing Virginia Beach like the back of my hand. Well I have never been to Jacksonville - never wanted to go either. And so the navigation has been putting us at each others throats. On top of that - Erik's a little worried about not finding a place, where as I know it just really takes time and exploring and I am a little bit more laid back with it (especially since I've done this before, and not too long ago). But even though I know Erik is stressed over all of this, when he gets snippy, or upset I get snippy or upset right back at him. Sigh... I know I shouldn't, I really do know this, but part of me feels attacked when he does it, so it's more of an instinct to go right back at him. So last night wasn't an exception, I took it a little bit harder than normal  (I've been super emotional lately, not really sure if it is because of the new environment or what but I'm ober emotional). So anyhow, we talked it over after about 15 minutes, and he finally realized (on his own, because I wasn't going to say it) that this is a lot harder on me than him and that we are both out of our element and need to sort of relax.
So we are going to take a day, and only visit 2 apartments maximum and go explore and relax more importantly. Because it's stressful, but we also need to rely on each other during this and not fight about it because that will only add to the load. So sometime this week will be some much needed relaxing.
So hopefully, these emotional hormones go somewhere else, because I really am tired of crying at the drop of a pin. And hopefully we have some good luck today with the house hunting and hopefully some daylight hours to go drive around the neighborhoods we are looking to buy in.


On a side note, I am really still trying to figure out how to make my blog all pretty, so please be patient, hopefully here soon I can figure out how to make a pretty signature. :) Any recommendations or suggestions would be great.

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