Tuesday, December 7, 2010


So everyone, we made it safely down to Jacksonville FL on our house hunting leave. The drive wasn't too bad at all just under 9 hours from the beach, and it was a pretty clear shot - which is always nice. We did drive through some snow which I took like a billion pictures of. But we are here..
So let me start with saying this is my first PCS move with Erik. I've moved before with my family when I was younger, but that is completely different. I am trying really hard to have an open mind about the area and just sort of take it for what it is. Honestly, I was really hoping that I was going to love the place as soon as we got here. But that wasn't the case.
Everything here is so different from Virginia Beach, and everything is so BIG. I feel as if I've never lived in a city before, which isn't true - I've lived on the outskirts of Virginia Beach my whole life - and Virginia Beach is a pretty big place (at least I thought it was). But like I was saying everything is so big, the bridges are huge - taller than buildings - and its just so much. I have no clue where anything is or where the good areas are at. We've done a ton of driving around and exploring and it isn't hard to find the not so nice area's. Price wise - living is cheaper here by a big amount. I just don't know - I know I am really nervous about moving so far away from my family (even though I don't have the best relationship with them, they are still my family) and moving away from friends who I have grown so close with. I'm nervous about what people are like here- we took a trip to the base commissary and NEX and people were so rude, and there isn't even a package store here!! But back to people - they are rude and don't really seem to care about what anyone thinks, says, or does. I know there are rude people everywhere, but seriously. I'm also really worried about making new friends (yes that sounds completely dumb and childish but here me out). It's always been my experience in the Navy world, that wives just plain and simply don't like girlfriends and vice versa. I get along great with everyone for the most part - and I try really hard to stay away from drama and give people respect - so I expect the same in return. A lot of Navy Wives have the attitude of being better than girlfriends, because they have the ring, the last name, and the benefits, and many seem to forget that at some point they themselves were girlfriends (this is just my experience - not stereotyping). With that said - being a girlfriend blows sometimes (not relationship wise) I don't have the reliability of the Navy taking care of me while Erik was deployed, if something (god forbid) had happened while he was gone - I wouldn't of known until his family called me. I don't have a lot of security - I'm simply moving 700 miles away from my home to be with him, for love. Anyways- basically - I'm worried that I won't have the same luck that I have had with my navy friends in Virginia. I am also really, really worried about my safety here, certain areas are really bad and we aren't intending on living there - but ever since a Navy Wife was murdered by her upstairs neighbor in a nice apartment complex in Virginia Beach, I have been worried. I know we have guns, and I know we are generally safe people - but it is still really worrisome to move somewhere so far, and not know your just who lives near you.
I know at first it's going to be hard and that nothing comes easy. But I'm just nervous I guess - It's hard to explain it to Erik because he has already moved a few times, and hates Virginia Beach (an argument we got into the other day... uhh I hate when we are stressed out!). I'm hoping we have better luck apartment hunting today - we are going to sign a lease and then just terminate it early. We are really wanting to buy a home and down here the time is great - the housing market is at a low and the prices are perfect for where we want to be. Plus I hate paying rent - I rather have that money going towards somewhere we own.
On a side note the time here hasn't exactly been fun nor pleasant so far and that isn't because of the freezing weather or because Erik and I are stressed, its because his friend we are staying with, Devin (they are really good friends, and used to work together at NAS Oceana) and Devin's girlfriend Crystal (whom I am trying really hard to be friends with - since she is the only one I will know here) are constantly arguing - over dumb stuff. But it makes it one hard to concentrate - work wise, because I am hardwired to the Internet in the living room - and two it just makes the overall mood of the environment pretty shitty. I hate it. I hate feeling uncomfortable and having to hear them argue. It'd be different if they took it behind closed doors and kept it hush hush but that isn't the case. But at least it's better than paying for a hotel.
Enough rambling I guess - back to work for a few more hours and then back to house hunting. Fingers crossed that we find a place in a nice area.

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