Saturday, January 1, 2011

Wow - What a year!

So - 2010 is officially over with. Where oh where did it go?! Time really did fly by this year.

2010 was a year that provided me with a lot of growth, a lot of love, some hard times, some lonely times, some opportunities. Overall it was great, I don't like (as much as it seems I do) resenting and regretting things. Especially something so sweet and important as time. The majority of the year, much like 2009, was spent away from my honey. We started off the year saying goodbye on January 2 and starting kicking our second deployment's butt. Looking back - deployments provided a lot for us, for our relationship, and no I'm not talking about financially. But it provided us a time, to strengthen our relationship, communication, and it allowed us to focus on things we wanted or needed to get done. I was able to focus on school and work mainly, I worked out a lot, I could focus on me, and us. And then on July 28 the most wonderful day of the year - homecoming. That one kiss I waited 207 days for.
2010 allowed me, for the most part, to finally get my thyroid handled and taken care of. Family wise - it was slightly harder than normal for me. It gets hard sometimes accepting the fact that to my mother, sometimes my brothers just do matter more. But that is something I've worked hard to just accept and move past. I've come to understand that friends are really hard to come by, and you can't trust everyone, you can't expect to be treated like you treat someone else by everyone, just only some people.
Overall, 2010 was a good year, I learned a lot about myself, a lot about people, a lot about my relationship.

My hopes for 2011 are high. I'm so excited about being able to spend our first spring together, ever. I'm excited about the many changes that are coming. Nervous and scared, but excited. I have high hopes for the new year. I'm hoping to have my degree this year, I am hoping to be healthier and more self confident. I am hoping to just enjoy life, enjoy love, and enjoy all the adventures that the new year brings.

I spent my New Years Eve with my amazing boyfriend, we were able to go out and enjoy the New Years together for the first time. We went out with a good friend of mine, Jen. I actually wore something out of my comfort zone and loved it. We definitely drank too much, but were safe and took my first cab ride home (I hate the idea of a taxi cab, but it wasn't too bad). Unfortunately after all the fun and yummy drinks we had - I did end up paying a pretty price for it - to the toilet of course. And spent much of the first day of the year lying in bed feeling absolutely hungover and gross. But with a yummy BLT from Sonic, and some sleep, and of course Tylenol, I feel much, much better. Here is a picture of last night - I do apologize apparently I was a happy drunk who enjoyed sticking her tongue out last night. :)

Me and Jen :)

Me and Erik <3

For everyone, or anyone, who does read this - I hope your new year is amazing, I hope you approach things with a positive attitude (trust me, it really does help) I wish you health and happiness.

Cheers to 2011!

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