Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I don't know....

I know - I am slacking big time in the Photo Challenge department. It'll come soon, I promise (if theres anyone who keeps up with this).

I haven't been feeling good for a little bit lately. Thursday I ended up getting sick from drinking a bad Starbucks and haven't completely recovered from it. I just feel yucky and sick.

Erik and I drove down to the OBX on Saturday for the night, I knew we needed some time to just talk, to enjoy each other, and honestly to get back to where things were. Things have been so busy and stressful lately and we have a tendency to take it out on each other, not to mention this is the longest period of time we've been with each other so that's new for us - and I think as much as we love spending time with each other, we still need little breaks. I know he is missing his best friend, who moved to Florida, and I know I need/want to spend time with friends I will hardly see anymore. Honestly, I think I might be holding it against him that I won't have my family near him, or my friends. I know I'm pretty scared of being alone down there.

There's just been so much going on with me lately. Erik hasn't been helping, he's been coming home from C-School in a horrible mood. I know he has to vent his day somewhere, and without his good friend being here that means me. Don't get me wrong - I got used to it during deployment - but that was via email - and I could destress. Now - I can't or haven't really found a way. I've been feeling so under appreciated, like yeah he says thank you for dinner or whatever - it just doesn't feel like there is any feeling behind it. Don't get me wrong, when he was gone, I wanted nothing more than to have him here and would do anything for that. But now, were in a different part of our relationship. And I'm having a hard time adjusting to that.

We'll see. Maybe school will help out with it, me being gone during the week, and I definitely am going to take more activities to get out during the day, hot yoga and the gym. I need to do something, tanning always helped before and while granted I can't exactly afford it - I do need something to do besides working and cleaning and school 24/7.

I promise as soon as I get caught up with school work I will make up for all the pictures for the photo challenge that I haven't posted.

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