Sunday, January 16, 2011

What makes you so much better than me?

Yes, I know I have been a horrible blogger lately. And for that I apologize if anyone is keeping up with my craziness.

I am rather pissed off right now. Why? Well because people always assume that they are better than the next person, that their poop doesn't stink, that they live their life out in roses. Specifically right now, I am more or so directing this towards the military wives who think that because they have a marriage license that they are better than other girlfriends/fiance's. Well truth be told - they aren't. Its people like this who go around with this "I am better than you attitude" and the "wives are forever, girlfriends aren't" way of life that will truly be lonely.

Since when, does a marriage license, a wedding band, and a last name change who you as a person are. It shouldn't. You are no better than the next Jane Doe. Marriage isn't about benefits, and more money, it isn't about status and rank. It's about love, and living your life with the person you can't live it without. It's about remaining who you are and having someone love you for your flaws and all - believe me everyone has them.

It really pisses me off, when someone tells me that my relationship doesn't count, or it doesn't matter because we aren't legally bound to one another. Your right, I could walk away at any freaking minute, but I don't. Not because I can't, but because I don't want to, because I love the person that I am with more than life itself. How many people can say that?! I feel bad for people, I feel bad that they won't ever know a love like I know it, they won't know what its like to wait for months at a time for a single kiss, they won't know what it's like to say goodbye and know not because we are married, but because we love one another that we will wait for each other. I truly feel bad for them. I feel bad that they have to put me down, to have confidence in their marriage. Pretty sad and pathetic.

I am seriously over this military wife lifestyle, I won't be like that, I freaking refuse, I'd rather have someone shoot me than act like that. In a lifestyle where deployments are common, and moving is often - you would figure women would be more friendly, especially knowing she might be the new girl in 3 or so years. But that really isn't the case. Or maybe it is just the dumb girls here, or the dumb girls who like to parade their husbands rank on support groups. I am over it - I as a girlfriend have dealt with more than many married women have. I won't justify it with a ring, or a last name.

Screw that! I am so over people it is ridiculous. I won't tolerate people like that in my life anymore. No way, no how. Life is about living, about loving, about treating others how you want to be treated.

On a happy note - I started doing Hot Yoga again and am feeling a lot better. It really is helping with the cabin fever. My gyn appointment is fastly approaching and I am really going into it with a positive attitude, and am hoping that its something that is simple. I am making an appointment to get my migraines under better control. I also found out some great information about my health insurance. So things are getting better. Oh and we start packing soon! Turning in our orders to this horrible apartment complex tomorrow!

I will try really hard to get better about blogging and try to post happier things - but I will always come here to air it out. Also, I will try really hard to catch up on this photo challenge.

Thanks for letting me rant!

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  1. Ughh the married wives never get nicer. Especially officers wives if you ever meet them. Worst part? its not just the wives that parade around their husband's rank, its the guys too. I made two friends here total and now one of them wont talk to me because their husband is mad that my husband ranked up before him and he's been in longer. It's crazy dumb. I prefer the girlfriends actually, they're proud, but still have a head on their shoulders.
    The wives don't seem to get you can be proud and not boastful. Like when my husband advanced, yeah I was proud, but I didn't go brag about it.