Monday, November 8, 2010

Super Busy..

November 8, 2010

Wow, have I been busy lately. I had a great weekend with some wonderful people and got to get out and just enjoy being 21, which was nice, since Erik and I never really go out much - because I'm a homebody (haha!). Friday night mainly consisted of beer pong at his friends house, which ended up being super close by, thankfully. Saturday night we went to the Norfolk Admirals hockey game. They lost which sucked, but it was a ton of fun hanging out with friends, drinking cold beer, and watching hockey guys fight, oh and play hockey. Sunday night- the busyness caught up with us. We weren't feeling too good, mainly drained, so we just hung out, relaxed, and I did laundry. We got the Sunday paper for some good ol' coupon cutting (yes, I cut coupons!).
As for today, it's been pretty stinking eventful already. I'm trying to get my waiver in to the military base nearby so I can get my old PCM back. Apparently once your sponsor retires Tricare doesn't care about you.. grr! Super frustrating. I loved her and I know I will be moving soon- but I always, always, get sick in the winter time. Of course, no one ever calls you back in the military world. I also had physics class early this morning, I've gotten the settlement taking care of and cleared up with State Farm from my accident on Nov. 2, 2009. I had to change my doggies vet appointment on base since works going to be busy lately.

Outside of that, I've pretty much cleaned and cleaned, I'm waiting on maintenance to come to fix the hot water heater. Hopefully being nice gets you more than being demanding. Oh - and so far the 3rd Droid X hasn't had a single dead pixel, or frozen on me- yet! (knock on wood, right?)

I hope everyone had an amazing weekend and I hope we all have a kick butt week!

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  1. So, after reading your info I saw you are in VA beach. I am as well.