Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Okay.. so the new Call of Duty, Black Ops, came out yesterday at midnight. And being a Navy girlfriend.. I'll write about it. Firstly, I'll say that I don't mind that Erik plays video games for hours on end. I could truly care less, it's what makes him happy. I'm not some freak girlfriend who thinks the world needs to be all about me 24/7- I'm actually the opposite of it. But I will say, that after a while it does get annoying, especially when there is only one television in the house. We live in a basic one bedroom apartment (in case you didn't know) and figured we would save money up by doing so ( haha! right..) , since it would only be about 7 months. Its an open floor concept, so the kitchen, family room, and dinning room are all open to each other. Well.. I work in the dinning room. I don't have a separate room to work from, or do school work from for that matter. So I hear the TV and it normally doesn't bother me. But... it gets annoying listening to call of duty guns going off for hours and hours.
Thankfully Erik realized that I got sick of it after about 4 hours of playing, since I had basically not come out of our bedroom (to get away from the noise, which didn't work) and made one of our quick meals and we watched a movie. So.. that was nice. It still stinks that I have to miss the CMA's but hey.. that's what dvr is for. I just wish I had recorded it from start to end, rather than missing a good thirty minutes of it.

Oh well.. I guess I will try and get some extra school work done, if I can focus.

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