Monday, November 15, 2010


Oh.. how I love wine. Theres just something about it that just relaxes and calms you down. I had an amazing weekend, but Monday isn't exactly playing fair. So.. I'll start off on the good.
Friday night we didn't really do much, just sort of hung around, went to my parents and gave my dog one of her baths and just relaxed. Saturday I had class in the morning, of course, and we just relaxed the rest of the day. Erik played call of duty for the most part, and then we went to a friends house and played beer pong. Which is always fun :) Sunday we went to the Outlet Mall and I got some winter clothes (I still need more! lol.. for some reason I don't have heardly any) we had a great day, went to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner (yum!). Unfortunately Erik lost his military ID, which is a huge ordeal, so that ruined the night and today. I woke up and wasn't feeling good (I was pretty nauseated yesterday too) and it hung around till after class. But before class, some indicator light came on, didn't know what it was and it took me about 20 minutes to figure it out, which turned out to be my tire pressure was low. Got air and realized just how bad my tires are! They are almost bald, so I get to go and get tires tomorrow (not fun!).
Now its a night, where Erik is sleeping early, because he is tired and stressed, and I am sitting here (not taking advantage of being able to watch tv for the first time in like a week) doing research for some physics and women's studies because I have papers due, in like 2 weeks for them both. Ughh... but at least I have my wine, to ease my frustrations and make it a little bit easier not to get upset.

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