Friday, November 19, 2010

A Trip to the E.R

Well today started off pretty normal, and productive. Physics class this morning, paid off a bill, found a part to my jeep and cleaned, and worked. Around twelve thirty, I got a phone call from Erik's LPO, which I thought was weird, until I picked up the phone. Erik got into an accident at work, and was rushed to the ER. So that put some chaos back into my day. Thankfully it's nothing serious, I went and meet them up there, and he had hurt his back at work. So a few hours later I get him home, thankfully was able to pick up his prescriptions on base (I dropped him off at home, and after waiting for two hours for them to call me up!) and now he is asleep and I am home. But the chaos doesn't end.. I have a trip to the store to make. We need some general essentials, and I am working on two wonderful papers that are due next week (not fun!) and had to put in some extra work hours.
But that was my adventerous day, we are supposed to be having my birthday party tomorrow (hopefully Erik is feeling better!) and then my birthday dinner on Sunday with my parents. My birthday isn't until Monday, the 22nd, but since my parents anniversary is that same day, we are doing dinner early.
All in all it was a productive week, school is getting more stressful due to finals coming up, work is still busy - which I enjoy- and just trying to get everything in its 'spot' at our apartment. Not to mention, christmas shopping. I am really really wanting to get everything done early this year! It's a big goal, since Erik's birthday is Dec. 29th, but I am hoping to get Christmas and his birthday done early this year! Well see..

I hope everyone had a great week, and I hope everyone has a relaxing weekend!

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