Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Things have been so busy lately. So up and down and up and back down again. Firstly my health isn't the best. My good ole thyroid has basically kicked the dirt and I'm waiting on my blood results to prove that so they can up my dosage of synthyroid. The only way I can tell is because I am starting to put on weight (even though I am dieting) and my sex drive is gone (yes people I said sex drive- your thyroid actually controls it). So that's been really bothersome lately. Especially since I've been battling Graves Disease since I was 16.
I've been ober stressed with school and finals (what else is new) and Erik and I have been bickering because of it. Things were doing so much better and then kplat. We aren't having issues, just bickering about weekly. I guess its normal, but I hate it!! We don't fight because after about 10 minutes one of us feels worse about it and its over with.
Top that all off we found out we might not be able to take my Jeep to Florida after all - well until after the move which blows. Thankfully I don't have to leave my house for my job. We are getting ready to do a ton of traveling which I'm not too happy about. We have house hunting leave to do, and Erik doesn't seem to understand how important it is for me to go (even during final's) I mean I would like to see where I am moving 700 miles away from everything I really know and all my family. Its just been stressful lately and all I want to do is cry.
I've been trying really hard to work on my birthday goals, the things I'd like to change. But right now- I guess all I really want is to cry it out and complain. It just seems like things are going wrong (nothing major at least) at the drop of a penny and I just am tired of dealing with it.

Thats basically all for now - I'm hoping for a happier post tomorrow :)

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