Wednesday, June 20, 2012

You + Me = 3

I haven't shared this yet, because we aren't announcing until we get into our second trimester because there are so many things that can and could happen. But I wanted to start writing posts and I'll publish them at a later date. Sorry for any recent MIA status I might of been giving off! I was still here, just writing in secret!

Friday May 4th:
So, we are officially expecting our first baby! We had been TTC for not very long at all, and were extremely blessed to conceive as quickly as we did. I had been charting for 4 months prior, and it's really been helpful with noticing changes in my body.

On Monday, April 23 I was feeling antsy in my two week wait to take a test, I was only ten days past my ovulation date so I really wasn't expecting anything, but thought what the hey. So I took one, and continued about my morning and went to look back at it later. And there it was a very faint BFP (big fat positive). So I thought of ways to tell Erik. Well, I decided I would go buy a gender neutral onsie and a digital test (thanks to a recommendation) and then some cinnamon rolls. I tested again Tuesday with an EPT test and got a negative. Wednesday, April 25th, I woke up early and tested using the digital test (I was 12DPO) and received a very positive "Pregnant" result. So I put the cinnamon rolls in the oven to cook and took a shower, got dressed, and pulled them out, iced them, and put the test in a small gift bag with the onsie. I put the rolls back in the oven and went to wake up Erik.

I told him there was something wrong with the oven and I was trying to cook, and he just had to look. He pulled his half asleep body out of bed, went into the kitchen and stood there and said "I don't hear a noise" and I lied and said, "I think there is a mouse in there, just open it and get it out".
So Erik opened the oven and stared at the cinnamon rolls and proceeded to stare at them for what felt like forever.
He finally looked at me and the conversation went like this:
Me: "There is a bun in the Oven!"
Erik: Stares back at the oven and has this extremely confused/half asleep look on his face.
Then finally looks back at me.
Me: (again!) "There is a bun in the Oven!"
Erik: Looks at me, oh so confused, and then back at the oven. Then it clicked, he looks back at me and says: "You're pregnant?"
Me: Yes!
Erik: How do you know?!
Me: Giggling, Gives him the gift bag
Erik: Pulls out the test and the onsie, and just stared at it. He finally came and gave me a hug and held and kissed me for what felt like forever.
I also want to add that about two hours after I had woken him at 7am from a dead sleep (Erik works nights right now and we're hoping it'll stay this way for a bit) that I found him in bed using my touchpad to look up family sedans. It was seriously the cutest, most touching thing, and really made me fall more in love with him. I hope our child really has his thoughtful, patient, caring personality.

It's so nice that Erik was home and that I was able to tell him about this in a creative, cute way. To see and think about the expression on his face and the emotions, just bring tears to my eyes. Just seeing pure happiness on his face, and excitement means the world to me. I'm so happy, and so excited! I'm so grateful that it happened so quickly and easily. I know there are so many women out there who struggle and my heart breaks for them.
I was able to call the Naval hospital later that day and we went in the next morning to have it confirmed. And it was. So we are really pregnant! It's almost surreal. Like it doesn't feel as if anything has changed, it's not noticeable and won't be for a while. It's also so, so very exciting. I do get a little anxious at every cramp I feel, and just pray that everything is okay and growing properly. I pray every day actually. Even though it's too early for our little peanut to hear me, I talk to him or her already. And tell him or her that I just want them to be healthy. That's all I want, is a healthy baby.

I just pray that I can do it all. I'm not so worried about the labor, caring, and teaching baby aspect. But the pregnancy aspect. Maybe because I've been exposed to friends who have miscarried, that I understand it's a real possibility, and that I could be in that 20-25% of women who miscarry. I also just want to provide the best for our little peanut. I want him or her to be completely healthy. I'm looking forward to the changes, and the symptoms. It'll make it feel more real. Right now there isn't much going on symptom wise, and while it's nice and I do appreciate it, it's a little hard to feel 'pregnant'.

We had our baby orientation today, on May 4th, and they showed us a DVD of a growing baby and we filled out our OB charts. We also filled out information for Fleet and Family services. There is a baby budgeting class we are going to attend that the Navy Marine Corps Society does. It was nice to get all the information today. I was a little nervous, because I don't know any one here personally who has given birth at the Naval hospital here in Jacksonville. But I feel a bit better now that I know what to expect at certain appointments. That's what I was in the nerves about the most I think. So, we go back in just about a month for our first real OB appointment. I'll be 10 weeks along then, so I'm hoping we'll be able to hear the baby's heart beat at the appointment. I think hearing that will really put away some of the anxiety's I have. But for now, I am just going to enjoy this, and the emotions, and think positively about the future.

But, that's whats going on here! I'm so excited and I can't wait to tell everyone, but I know it will be another eight weeks until then. 

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