Thursday, June 21, 2012

Life is busy!

June 11th

10 weeks 4 days

Life has been so busy lately, I haven't had time to stop and think let alone sit down and write. It's not been super busy, but busy enough to where when I have time to sit down and relax the last thing I have on my mind is writing. Which - I should change. I really want to do better with journeling about our pregnancy and changes and what's on my mind during this exciting time. Especially since this could be our only pregnancy. (We haven't decided completely yet if we want more than 2 children. Frankly - I'm a little scared to get pregnant again! LOL!

We had an appointment on Friday, the 8th. We got to see our two beautiful babies on the ultrasound screen! So exciting! There was a point where she wanted to get both babies in the picture shot for her records and couldn't. So she asked me to press down near my pelvic bone and showed me how - so I did. and BAM! Baby #2 popped up on the screen after playing hide and seek for a little while. Baby wasn't too happy about it, because you could see his or her arm's and legs just moving like crazy in protest! Brought tears to my eyes and will forever be a moment I'll treasure. Erik got a HUGE kick out of it and still lights up when that moment is brought up. I think that moment really hit home with us, that these are our babies. They look so much more like babies than peanuts now! So insane how fast they grow!

We found out that we are in fact delivering at the Naval Hospital, which is a relief to me. I didn't want to go out in town - esp because the Naval Hospital is the closest hospital to our home! Plus they have some amazing perks - like a lactation consultant and other wonderful things. It's just more comforting, and has a pretty river view. :) The mid-wife did say that because we are having twins we will be monitored every 4 weeks by a Doctor, rarely will we see a Mid-Wife. It bums me out a little bit because she was super nice and friendly! But I'm sure most of the doctors are (on base you won't normally see the same doctor every appointment - it's just whomever can see you first). We also found out after we hit 28 weeks, we will be monitored every 2 weeks. Also - because the MidWife can't date twins - we have another ultrasound set up in 2 weeks to see our beautiful babies. We opted to do the NT Scan (which is a genetic testing scan - they take my blood and then do a level II ultrasound of the twins to detect any abnormalities) the scan isn't 100% conclusive and we won't do any further testing after words. I just thought that 1 - we want to see the babies again and 2 - it would be nice to know what risks we have so we can be a little bit better prepared. So that is scheduled for 2 and half weeks from now.

Everyone at the Naval Hospital were thrilled for us - everyone loves twins! Erik found a twin club in our area that we're excited to get involved in! I plan on emailing them after our dating ultra sound in 2 weeks. Just to be safe. I'll be 13 weeks then - so it just feels right. I'm interested to see what activities they do. I also need to call our Church and see what we need to do to have our babies baptized. But - that'll wait until after the ultrasound as well.

I'm so excited! We plan on doing a yard sale to clean out our bedroom that is going to be the nursery. And we are going to move my great-grandmothers vanity that I have into the guest bedroom.Our wedding items that I am insisting on keeping will be going into the attic and then the room will be all empty and ready to decorate and get ready for the twins!! We were given two crib mattresses by a great friends friend - she had twins and is a fellow Navy wife. They're PCSing to Hawaii (so lucky!) and she gave us a few things! So very sweet of her and the mattresses look brand new! Definitely grateful for that! We also made our first baby purchase this weekend - Pamper diapers! We definitely want to stock up on a good amount and good variety of diapers - and use my couponing to save some money on them! We decided on our first baby item we want - the Baby Trend Double Snap N Go stroller. It's pretty much a stroller frame where you can just snap the infant car seats in to them and go. Easy and quick! I've been reading a ton of reviews and that's the one of the better double car seat strollers you can get. I think we've pretty much decided on the Combi Twin Sport Stroller as well. Even better - the NEX carries it for a good $40 cheaper than out in town! Can't beat that!

Overall - I've been feeling pretty good. I've had a bigger bout of morning sickness (or all day sickness lately) with actually getting sick a handful of times. Other than that not much else has changed. My tata's have grown a full cup size and I can tell that I've put on weight. It mostly comes and goes. Certain day's the weight gain shows more than others. Lovely bloat. Mainly my big symptom is exhaustion. I am ALWAYS tired. I could sleep 12+ hours and still be tired. I've read its because my body is working overtime to grow the placenta(s) - we aren't sure if they're one or two yet - and to grow the babies. But - I'll take some sleep. I love sleeping.

I did have my first craving - for my 2nd Dad's Biscuits and Gravy (I only have 1 real dad - but I have a self adopted 2nd dad who is my old best friends dad, I've known him for as long as I can remember). He makes the best biscuits and gravy ever and that's all I wanted. Obviously living 900+ miles away from home, I couldn't get it - but settled for Tennessee Pride Gravy and some Pillsbury biscuits. I did like the sound of mashed potatoes as well last night to go with our dinner - but it wasn't a die hard craving.

Here's to hoping I get better about sharing this experience and writing it all down. I'm sure one day it'll be so nice to sit down with the twins and share this with them and for myself to look back and see how I was feeling during it all.

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