Thursday, June 21, 2012

8 weeks

May 25th

8 Weeks 1 Day

Oh man how I feel oh so pregnant. The nausea comes and goes throughout the day, and whatever sounds good smells horrible. I'm working on eating better - but my tiny nose seems to not want to agree with my head. I haven't thrown up in over a week - which is good - but sometimes I wish I could just throw up rather than hanging over the toilet and feeling like I want to - but can't. Other than that - my ta-ta's have grown a full cup and still just hurt. It's like this constant nagging pressure that won't go away. Otherwise; other than being extremely tired and a few dizzy spells here or there. I'm good as gravy.

The babies are each the size of a raspberry this week and they are in their very last week as an embryo! Next week they become fetus status. But - I still prefer baby, because that's what they are. So far I've only gained about 2 pounds - which I think is just bloat weight. I've been super bloated. But - I've found that exercising and uping my fiber intake really helps big time, on top of the fact that I drink a TON of water.

My next appointment isn't for another 2 weeks and I can't wait! I just want to see my babies, our babies, and know that everything is okay and that they are growing and doing well. I just feel so blessed and so lucky to be on this journey and I truly can't wait to see how my body changes and grows as our babies grow.

For now - I'm definitely going to treasure every moment and cherish it. Even if it means hanging over the toilet. :) Because that itself means that everything is going how it's supposed to.

I hope everyone has a happy Memorial day weekend - I for sure will hopefully be enjoying some beach time and some grilled food. I just hope everyone can take the time to remember what the weekend is really about - those who passed fighting for our freedom's and rights. Those who died defending our flag and our country. Please keep their families in your thoughts and prayers this coming weekend. I can't imagine their pain and hurt, but I do appreciate - eternally - the sacrifice their loved ones and they have made.

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