Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Just some rain.

June 26, 2012

12 weeks and 5 days.

We had a great ultrasound yesterday morning! It was completely worth getting up at 5am and fighting the rain of Tropical Storm Debby to get to the Naval Hospital. The tropical storm is doing a fantastic job of flooding out our area! The base was almost under water! But we saw on our ultrasound that our babies sure are active! We even witnessed one of the babies (Baby B) kicking the other baby (Baby A). I couldn't believe they were fighting already!! I also found out that when my bladder is full - it's pressing on Baby A and he/she doesn't like that very much. Baby A is my lower baby, closer to my cervix and Baby B is my high riding baby.
This is our Baby A

And this is our Baby B

It's so amazing how fast they grow! At my ultrasound on June 8th they were barely 3 cm long, and they have doubled in size to a little over 6 cms long now!! Insane!! But we got to see our beautiful babies and their healthy heartbeats. The technician was able to get all the information she needed for the doctor to determine if they share a Placenta or not, which will determine if we are able to deliever at the Naval Hospital. If they share a Placenta we are considered Higher Risk and will be referred to a High Risk OB. But right now - they are perfectly healthy! We have a genetic screening ultrasound on Friday and I can't wait to see them again. I love seeing them! We also have an appointment with a Dr on the 2nd - just the normal 4 week follow up care.

Things here have been relatively quiet, but busy. We had a yard sale over the weekend and were able to sell everything (the twin bed) that was in what will now be the nursery. The only thing left in there at the moment is my Great Grandmother's vanity, which will be moved into the other guest bedroom this weekend. Other than that - the only things that are in the nursery are things we have collected or recieved so far for the babies.

I had a pretty rough night last night. It wasn't because of morning sickness or anything, just emotionally it was a little hard on me. I finally broke down and talked with Erik about how I had been feeling recently. I'm excited and thrilled to be pregnant but it doesn't feel real yet to me. I've heard the heartbeats and have seen them on ultrasounds, I've dealt with morning sickness and food aversions. But it doesn't feel real. Like it doesn't feel like there are actually babies growing in my belly. I think it might be because I've put so much pressure on myself. I'm scared about not being a good enough mom or doing things the right way, I'm also scared about going from being a mom to Jade (our furbaby!) to being a mom of TWO! Erik really reminded me last night that I need to have faith in myself and faith in God and that the rest will just come along. That as long as I listen to my heart, everything will be as it's supposed to be.

Other than that things have been quiet here. Not much has changed in the symptom world, still the every other day throwing up - and I can't go long without eating, or else I'm throwing up stomach acid. Still pretty tired, I did get to enjoy a nap today which was so nice. I'm starting to show a little bit. At almost 13 weeks it's about time something goes on down there. I still don't think I look pregnant, just fuller in my stomach area. No weight change which is good. At least none according to my scale. I haven't been super hungry though - I can eat a few bites of something and I'm full. I also don't care for meat lately. I can do chicken but anything else - yuck. My poor steak loving husband.

That's all thats really going on in the H residence. I hope everyone has a great week!

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  1. Ultrasounds are amazing. You will be a great momma!