Saturday, August 27, 2011

It's happened..

Well, the moment that I never - not in a million years saw coming - has happened. I'm officially obsessed with my wedding and I think - just possibly - I am starting to enjoy wedding planning. Wow - did I really just say that? I'm also obsessed with a few other things - and - well for their wedding stuff of course. I'm not really obsessed by the 'big things' like the church - that we still haven't quite found yet (although we do have a meeting with a new church on Monday - which has a really pretty fitting ceiling)  it's more or less the little things - the detail that I'm overly obsessed with. I'm still having a tough time with the color. But I think I'm pretty stuck on the country chic, elegant, vintage, romantic feel for the wedding. I think I just need to kind to take a breathe with it. I'm thinking a flowy light silver dress for the girls and then, just blush pink and coral pink and various shades of pink - like peach and coral- with a hint of buttercream yellow throughout. Erik promised we would go to David's bridal and get swatches this weekend so I can have a set colors. I think I just need to focus, I spend so much time exploring everyone elses' picture perfect weddings and get so indecisive with all the choices out there. I'm absolutely obsessed with it. I love staring at all the pictures, scrolling through pages and pages of inspiration. Thinking about little details that I never would of thought of before. Just little things. Menu boards, drinks, guest books, lighting, ceremony details - candles and twine and mason jars. It's so much fun to day dream and look through all the little details.

Pinterest is also amazing for the house details. It's given me so many neat and crafty idea's on how to spruce up the house or things to do to spaces, and idea's for storage. I could just go nutso doing it all - and spend millions. It's actually also lead me to some awesome websites I don't think I would of found otherwise. So yeah.. I'm definitely addicted.

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