Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I failed at figuring out how to do big curls this past weekend, failed so horribly I didn't even get the curlers or touch my curling iron. Instead, Friday we went grocery shopping and Saturday we went to look at the Yacht Club on base and had no luck - it looked super yucky on the inside. We ended up having a lazier day and went and got hot wings later, I found an awesome pair of cowboy boots and got them, and then went to the Officers Club later on that night. I was shocked by the inside to be quite honest. I mean the outside screams military building and bomb shelter. But the inside is actually really pretty, and the view is gorgeous. Sunday was an early day, we went to a Latin mass at a small church we've been considering being married in. Then we went and did a bit of shopping and swung back into the Winterbourne for another meeting. Came to the conclusion after many, many answered questions that we love it and it's perfect for us. So we decided on our venue and I dropped off the deposit and signed contract today - so officially it's ours!

Today I also meet with another photographer who I love!! I'm so so excited to have them shoot the wedding. Hopefully as long as they are still open for my weekend I will be dropping off another signed contract and deposit here soon! So major progress on the wedding front. Almost done finding vendors, just need a DJ, a cake, and a hair and a make up artist now. I think.

Now.. on the emotional front. I'm struggling with missing home. Yesterday evening I was missing home a little bit. I wake up and then tonight I'm missing home a TON! I literally was crying while walking the dog. Erik went out with friends tonight, which I really don't care about. I chose to stay in because I'm not exactly feeling well thanks to Aunt Flo. But, it just really hit me tonight how much I miss home. How I feel alone here. I've meet a few girls, sure. I've shared a few laughs, but really overall, I haven't made friends yet. It's that loneliness that diggs at me. Not having a friend to sit on the couch and watch a movie with. Someone to turn to when Erik is annoying me, or when I want my mom. I'm just trying to learn how to handle this and cope with this the best I can.

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