Monday, July 18, 2011


Finally, I can be flipping excited about the fact that I'm getting married. While I am so overly frustrated with the base chapel, and they're lack of organization, we got the okay for the date that we want to be married on with his family. And his mom told me to stop worrying about everything. So I am really, really happy. Hopefully we can meet with the priest on Thursday, and he agrees to marry us. But I'm not holding my breathe. I think we are going to do some 'shopping' around for other churches here, I'm not sure yet how I like the parish for the church on base. The priest does a really great job of actually explaining everything to us during mass but it just doesn't feel, comfortable, there so to say. I know, it's pretty hard to understand and explain. But I tried.

I've also decided on one of my colors for the wedding, it will be some shade of purple either a deep shade, or a light shade. I want to base the rest on what the reception venue looks like. I think I want to incorporate some pink but we'll see... Who knows, it could change a week from now - knowing me.

Either way, I'm pretty freaking happy, and very excited! I'm just going to focus on us, and make sure we have the wedding that will make us happy.

On another note, I'm only about 10 pounds away from the wedding day weight I want to be. I'm finally pretty happy with how I look, but I think 10 pounds will be good for me to loose. I've lost plenty of weight since moving down here, and I have faith that I can lose the remaining amount that I want to. By the time I loose what I want, I will actually weigh what I did when I graduated high school. It's actually a healthy weight for me, and I know I won't allow myself to go down the path of self loathing.

But anyways, I'm just really excited now. I can finally look at wedding things without getting sour and I am excited to find a photographer and start booking other things as well. My mom is actually bringing my Jeep down (Thank gooodnesssss!!!!) and will be here to go to a bridal expo with Erik and I on the Sunday she will be here. We are also planning on going and looking at wedding dresses. I really hoped that I would have friends who would be my bridesmaids to go with me, but right now I still don't see that happening. I was also hoping that Erik's mom would be able to go with me as well, but I don't want to have to ask her to take time off. Either way I'm sure it will turn out okay. At least I hope it will.

But I am going to go outside and enjoy the beautiful weather we are having for a change and take our crazy puppy dog on a long walk in my new Easy Tones (lets hope they work!). Here's to a good week!

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