Monday, June 6, 2011

In a decorating funk.

Geez, why is it that Monday always comes faster than the weekend does? I mean in reality it does because 2 days are shorter than 5 but time always seems like it goes by faster. When Erik was on deployment I loved the work week, and hated the weekends but now that he is home, obviously that's changed. We really didn't do much this weekend which was nice for a change. I went shopping Friday night to get some clothes for the Chicago trip, and I honestly might make a trip this week/next week as well. A girl can never have too many clothes - especially me. There is a Kohl's right down the road I might go to to find a little sweater cover up for one of the dresses I bought. For those of you who don't know, I am a huge Forever 21 fan. Love the store. Outside of that the weekend was just relaxing, we did swing into Big Lots where I scored an Oreck Steam It Mop, for wayyy less than half of the price. We had gone into the Oreck store and the same exact thing was $199 and I only paid $69! I wasn't crazy about it and it wasn't the exact one I wanted, but hey it was a great steal. I actually just used it a little bit ago and holy moley! My floors are bea-u-tiful! That mop thingy, was dirty gross afterwards. So I'm pretty happy with the end results of using it.

I'm still pretty mind stuck on how to decorate our bedroom. I want to do something romantic, and light, and airy, nothing too much since it's supposed to be relaxing and I want to tie our bathroom into it. I normally am pretty awesome when it comes to decorating. I find that one piece and create a whole room around it, the guest bed is americana themed, the kitchen in wine, the living room has pictures and what not, the hallway has Erik's Navy stuff and stuff from deployment. I'm just clueless as to what to do with our bedroom.

Reminds me - I haven't posted pictures of the house decorated! I'll post a few, but I promise I won't go overboard :)

Entry way (obviously) - We will be getting a bench to put over here :)

Guest Bathroom

Guest Bedroom (and those are self taken pictures)

The Kitchen

Kitchen and dinning

Pantry :)

Part of the living room - new couches will be in in two weeks!

So there ya have it. That's what I've done so far, and it's come pretty easily but I just don't know what to do with the master. Any suggestions??

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