Thursday, June 30, 2011

Change of style

Growing up I was a pretty big tomboy for the most part. My mom tried pretty hard to keep me in dresses, that she hand sewed. Which by the way, I wish I had been more grateful for. More times than not, I was found out in the middle of the road with the boys. My neighborhood growing up was full of boys, there wasn't a girl on the block for a while, until an old friend moved in. Even towards middle school and high school. I was found in jeans and a t-shirt, or shorts. I mainly stuck with flip flops. I didn't really have a girly style, I wore eye makeup but that was about it.

Lately,  I find that changing quite a lot. I mean I've noticed it for a while, it wasn't really an over night transformation. But my style is changing and that's for sure. I find myself enjoying dresses, big poofy hair (the bigger the poof - and no I'm not talking Snooki poof - the southern poof - the better). The bigger my curls, my eyelashes the better. I'm not really all that talented in the hair section. I admit it, heck I can't even work a curling iron properly! But there is no doubt I am becoming more of a girly girl than I ever was before. Clothing wise, my style has changed a lot, I'd say. I love wearing summer dresses, they're just so light and airy (which is perfect for the florida weather) and not to mention just perfectly classy for every type of occasion. Just little things I am noticing about my clothing styles. I'm not just into the girly, country, floral type of clothing, but the rocker type of clothing too. I think my style is going to be changing for a while, but I love having a billion things to choose from and I can't wait to get my closet filled! I'm sure Erik will be thrilled about this expensive new goal.

I wrote the other day about my growing interest in photography. I by no means think I should be a photographer. It's just something I enjoy doing, a hobby. Is it a hobby I plan to invest my time into? Honestly, I am really thinking about it. I deserve and I should do something that interests me. Now, I that does not mean I am hoping onto this 'military wife photographer' bandwagon. Yes, you read that correctly. It's something that maybe I was blind to before, but I have for sure noticed a growing trend in this department. Just because you enjoy taking pictures, doesn't mean you should be a photographer or you shouldn't be. Just because you took a few good pictures, doesn't make you a photographer. To me photography is an art, in a different form than a painting. It requires time, effort, skill, and education. It seems to me as if people don't understand that there is an actual education part to photography. Yeah, there is a big portion that requires you to have some sort of 'feel' for what works. But I think it's important to educate yourself as well. Learn the shots that compliment different figured people, lighting and things of that nature. So now I'm in the hunt for a nice camera. Nothing too fancy, but not your everyday point and shoot camera either. Any suggestions??

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