Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Busy Bee!

WOW! Okay, so things have been incredibly busy for me lately. Much more so than what I am used to. So I do apologize for not writing lately, that is if there is anyone keeping up with this thing. I know, I know, so much doubt. But whatever, just saying I don't expect anyone to really keep up with this, but if you do - well thanks :) and I am pretty flattered.

So lets see... where did things get busy?! I used to like being really, really busy but that was during deployments and that was when I wanted time to hurry up and fly by so my honey would be home. But now he is home, and I just want things to slowwww down. Pretty ironic huh? Maybe it's because he is home, or maybe it's because I just want to start enjoying life, rather than just living it or 'getting through it'. But anyways.. back to what's been going on.

My trip to chicago was last week. My first trip away, by myself - well travel wise - and first time away from our puppy dog, and my first ever flight! A lot of firsts, including chicago! So, Monday morning we left to head to the airport, and sure enough I cried the whole way (I know! Spare me the whole, are you kidding me thing - it was more or less I thought I was going to die on the plane ride than actually missing Erik - I know total drama queen moment) So I hopped on a plane, had a layover in Charlotte, NC and then landed in Chicago. I took my first taxi cab ride by myself, second taxi cab ride ever by the way, so that was interesting but the first night we stayed at the Westin across the street from the building that our office is in. We (myself, my boss, my second dad - Tom, Chris and Olga - other coworkers) went into the office and I finally was able to meet my other coworkers. After work we went back to the hotel and hit Wrigley-ville for dinner with a coworker. I got to see Wrigleyfield and we ate at Goose Island which is a micro-brewery and had some really good food. I made it my point to get a T-Shirt from every where we went out to eat at - I'm pretty happy I did, you can never have too many t-shirts. We ended up going to a beer garden up there after we walked around after dinner, and just sort of relaxed. Tuesday we worked in the office checked out of the hotel and headed up to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin where the company golf tournament was held at on Wednesday. I was actually born in Kenosha, which was like 30 minutes away, so it was really nice seeing what the place looked like But anyways, Lake Geneva was pretty - it was on a lake (go figure, right?) and it was a very small, cute, little town. Little shops lined the streets and was just all around adorable. I bought a really cute dress there, and another t-shirt at the microbrewery that we ate at. Wednesday was the golf tournament, which for the most part was rained out, and then we drove back to Chicago. Wednesday was our last night in Chicago and was back at the Westin for me, we went to a really awesome restaurant - Harry Caray's (yes the famous baseball announcer - best known for 'Holy Cow!') I had the best chicken I ever had before. I, yes, got two tshirts, and even saw the Weinermobile!! Thursday was a partial day in the office and then the flight back home. I really didn't get to talk to any one on the plane, except for my very last flight. But that was my trip pretty much in a nut shell, I'll post pictures at the end of my post.

Things, overall have been good. I've for the most part have been focusing on work, and the house, and of course our growing five month old puppy dog. Erik's been busy lately. He purchased a bike, which requires a little bit of work (according to him) and that's been pretty time consuming. I've had a lot of time to do some thinking, since I am mainly alone all the time. It gets old and annoying and pretty lonely sometimes. But overall I like it. I like it when Erik is home, even though he has been driving me insane lately. I have been trying to figure out just what I want to do, long term career wise. I still am pretty unsure, I've been thinking about becoming a teacher a lot more lately, but something else has popped into my mind - photography. Now is it something that I am going to pursue career wise? No. Definitely not. Is it something that I am probably going to take classes in to fill up my electives - yeah, definitely. I've always loved pictures, taking pictures, hanging pictures, but now it's really starting to become more of an interest. So, well see where that goes.

I still need to finish getting the house together. The final bedroom needs to be completed and our master bedroom does as well. We are planning on doing an accent wall in the living room, as well as the master and painting the master bath. Just trying to figure out how exactly I want to do it. Erik doesn't really care what I do with the house, I try to keep everything pretty gender neutral, nothing too girly and nothing too manly either.

I'm trying to come to terms with the whole fact that happiness is not a destination, but it's an emotion. I need to realize that I am going to have bad days and good days, days that I am sad, days where I am lonely, days where I love everything about my life, and days that I am just 'okay'. Overall, I am really happy here, I love my life and where I am at in life. I never would of imagined that I would be living so far away from my family, or that I would be with a man who is in the military. But I am and I love how much I have grown, and I love Erik.

This weekend is going to be insanely busy, again. We are headed back to Kentucky for his family get together, and will be driving home on our three year anniversary, July 4th. Jade will be going with us, so I am really hoping things go alright and she does well on the trip. Only time will tell, and hopefully we can find some time this weekend to enjoy each other without being stressed out.

Anyways, I just wanted to give a quick update on how things are, and where things are heading. So I'll close with some pictures and try to post sooner rather than later :) I hope all is well with everyone.

Me in front of the Weinermobile!

Me at the company Golf Tournament

Me and the Holy Cow at Harry Carays!

Me in front of Wrigleyfield!

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