Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A little of this.. a little of that

It's been a while since my last post, things have been pretty busy for the most part. Between riding, the dog, and keeping up with the house work on top of actually working I barely have time for myself, let alone Erik or wedding things.
We went and visited my family this past weekend since Erik had a four day weekend with work. It was a decent 9 and a half hour drive, easy for the most part, but long. It was so nice seeing my family, and my dog, and hearing jet noise. I did a lot of thinking while back home, whether or not I'd want to move back there or not. I missed the food - goodness the good Mexican food, fish taco's, frozen yogurt. I missed it all. I missed my family, my friends. I was able to see two friends while I was there, both who are my bridesmaids. I got my hair done and went bridesmaid dress shopping and had no luck whatsoever. But that's okay, there is the Internet and time to make other visits. It was really nice knowing where I was and how to get around town without a GPS.
I've kind of been slacking in the wedding aspect - I did book our baker for the cake, and I did find the invitations I want, we're just hacking out the price and exactly what we need them to say, I will hopefully be ordering them by the end of the week, permitting we have our ceremony time by then. Hopefully we do. I have a DJ meeting coming up on Thursday and hopefully we can get that taken care of - I'm kind of running out of time on that, and it really needs to be booked. Other than that things are pretty much falling into place to be quite honest. I ordered Erik's wedding band There are a few little things that I need to do such as finding a make-up artist. Finding a rehearsal dinner site and taking care of that. I do need to talk to another baker about a grooms cake. I really need to get my bridesmaid dresses ordered by next month for sure. We will hopefully be taking our engagement pictures next month as well. There are little things that I need to start accumulating such as mason jars and candles and other decor things. I also need to start thing about Out of Town bags for our guests. I'm trying my hardest not to let it stress me out, and so far I'm not doing a bad job of it. I've kind of just adopted the whole idea of things will work themselves out.
My pinterest addiction has fueled some projects that I've started on, and I'm excitingly completely doing the office. We are adding a chair rail into it and painting the walls below it a blue color- the first things we've painted in our home. I took our old kitchen table and turned it into my desk and painted it a bright turquoise. We are getting a filing cabinet since we are selling my old desk that one in it. And I believe I am going to wallpaper it so it looks pretty. I've got a bookshelf I need to paint so I can bring it in here and then I'll pretty much be done except for some wall art. I'm really loving being able to do things like this and making our house more than just a house. It's pretty exciting but boy does the cost add up.
We also started RCIA classes about a month ago now, if you don't know what RCIA classes are - they are classes that teach you and explain the Catholic faith to you. It's something I've been wanting to do for a few years now, and just didn't really seem fit to do without Erik around since he was deployed. But I really feel comfortable in our church and I am enjoying the classes a lot more than I thought I would to be honest. The classes go all the way up to April and on the day before Easter I will be baptized and confirmed and have my first communion. Most people were baptized as babies, and in almost all faith's, except for Unitarian, babies are baptized in the name of the Father, Son and Spirit - so the Catholic church accepts that - but I was never baptized so, I will be then. It's taught me a lot and I feel really at ease, and just 'right' with it.
I really have been working hard on getting over everything that happened with Erik's sisters. It's not that I'm holding a grudge or I am still mad, I'm actually not mad at all, anymore, it's more or less I'm just really hurt by it. I understand why his middle sister was upset, and why his other two sisters got upset and defended her. I truly do, they're sisters - I'm not, and I'm the one who upset her. I'm more or less hurt by the words that were said, and the actions that are occurring. I guess I had this thought that once Erik and I were engaged, or once we were married that they would all like me and I'd have sisters that I never had before. I know I tend to dwell on this, and I really am working to get past it. Like I said I'm not mad, it's more or less that I'm still hurt by it, but like Erik said I need to get past it.

Other than that, nothing really new has gone on lately. I've just been pretty busy and trying more or less to finish up some wedding lose ends and ride as much as I can without leaving puppy dog alone for too long. She gets spayed next week, so that'll be pretty interesting. Maybe it might calm her down some, but overall she really isn't too 'crazy' she's just a puppy and we love her little puppy dog attitude. She's gotten so big since we last got her - she weighs a whopping 62 pounds now, versus the 25 she barely weighed when she came home with us. She's definitely stolen our hearts that's for sure.

But back to work for me.. I've got a ton of things to get done - story of my life at the moment.

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