Wednesday, August 29, 2012

And time goes on..

August 23rd, 2012

21 weeks 2 days

Just when I think time will finally slow down, it doesn't. I've finished out this summer semester, and decided not to return for the fall semester. That was a hard decision to come to, because I really didn't want to stop. But knowing that bedrest could be in my future, and not wanting to go on campus to take tests at 37 weeks pregnant, I knew it was what is best for me and the babies.

We've been working hard around the house getting things together (finally) and prettying things up before family comes into town. Last week I had Erik painting our guest bathroom. It ended up being an adventure. Our Ace paint was giving away free quarts of paint. Well.. we figured that it would only take 2 quarts of paint to paint it completely. And being right between two Ace's we figured we'd try to do it for free. (I know, I know tisk.. tisk) Well we asked for 'Greek Column' at both Ace's - well one Ace gave us the right color, and the other... didn't. They gave us the shade darker. But we ended up mixing them together and liked it.. and ended up being a quart shy to finish. So I had to go back and they wouldn't mix it for us, so I had to buy two quarts. All in all it came out perfectly, and we have a funny story behind it. Last weekend, I pulled all the weeds and dead flowers out of the backyard garden bed. We're heading to the nursery this weekend to get some fall flowers - I want it all pretty when everyone comes in to town. That's just how I am.

In baby news, we get to see them via ultrasound quite often, every two weeks. We found out at our twenty week appointment with my high risk dr (MFM) that Baby B is 21% bigger than Baby A. Which is a cause for concern, they don't want one baby stealing all the nutrients from the placenta. There really isn't anything they can do but to do another growth check every 4 weeks and see if the size difference is increasing or decreasing and just to monitor closely for twin to twin transfusion syndrome. It was so great to see my babies! I absolutely love seeing them move around so much on the screen. Although, I felt really bad that I enjoyed it so much when my ultrasound tech was getting exhausted from trying to get the measurements she needed. They just wouldn't let her have them! We love seeing our babies that's for sure. But after finding out that information, I got pretty serious on my diet and I hope it helps. I've upped my protein a LOT, I drink at least two protein shakes a day and eat a protein bar. I've also realized it's okay to rest when I need to and I don't deprive myself of any naps. So I'm really hoping there is less of a size difference at the beginning of September when we go back.
Oh! I can also feel my baby boys kicking in there now! It's seriously one of the most amazing feelings in the whole wide world. Indescribable. I could just sit on the couch and feel them and have no desire to watch TV or do anything else, I find myself just getting sucked into my own little world. The past two mornings that I've woken up, shortly after I feel them kicking around as if to tell me "Mommy it's time to get up now" it's such a great way to wake up in the morning, and I love it.

August 28th, 2012
22 Weeks

I've been so busy trying to get the house ready for our family to visit that I completely forgot to finish up my last post!! Oopps! Can I blame this one on pregnancy brain?

Lets see, this past weekend we cleaned up the garden in the backyard, and oh my goodness does it look fantastic! We decided we wanted to go the nursery route rather than Home Depot/Lowe's. We just aren't impressed with their help in the flower section. So. We did it. We went to two nurseries and explained that we wanted to put some hardy, low maintenance flowers, that would either stay around year long or come back. And we wanted to get the most bang for our buck. And for about $80.00 we did it. It costed us way more last time going the Home Depot route, and they all died off and lasted maybe 4 months max. So I'm really impressed. We have butterflies that visit our garden now and it's nice to look out their to see pretty flowers! How can that not brighten your day?!

I picked up things for my hostess gifts this past weekend as well, I'm doing a chocolate basket for my SIL since she is a huge chocolate person and I took my friend Amanda who is co-hosting, out to get a pedicure and I got her her favorite lotion/body wash scent from Bath and Body Works as well as a Starbucks mug and a VIA refresher package. I really hope they both like them. It means a lot that they are throwing me a shower, because I never really thought I would have one. Especially living so far away.

Today we are having a local maid come by and deep clean the house for us, so I don't have to!! She's actually here now and honestly this is the best investment/treat I have ever given myself!! All I have to do tomorrow is steamvac our living room. I'll resweep Thursday morning. But I am so beside myself right now. Honestly, money very well spent!

We had a bit of an adventure on Monday. I had been having some cramps that I thought were just RLP (round ligament pain - your ligaments in your lower hip area have to stretch to support and make room for the baby, or babies in my case) well I took a shower and long story short I thought I was leaking fluid. So I called my OB and they got me in right away. All the tests came back negative for leaking fluid. Both babies heart rates were fantastic. Baby A was at 157 bpm and Baby B was at 153 bpm. We saw them on the ultrasound for a few minutes to check the fluid levels. My OB was a tad concerned about the cramping so they sent me to our hospital for fetal monitoring. Turns out I was having very small irregular contractions. I ended up getting some fluids and a shot to make them stop and we went home. What a scare! I'm just so happy they are okay and still baking in there!

Other than that, things have been relatively quiet around here. Just making progression in the house and decorating/painting more. It's nice to have two solid rooms done. The nursery will get finished up next and eventually the office and master bedroom. Definitely a work in progress.

Time to finish up some work and run some errands! Till next time!

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